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Valhalla Double Announcement

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Today Valhalla turns two.. wait TWO years!@? holy.. Has it really been _that_ long?

Indeed it has.

As Valhalla begins its third year on Planet Bob we reflect upon how we started, where we've gone, where we are and most importantly, where we are going. It has been long and short two years at the same time. Valhalla has experienced some major turmoil for the past two years. Just thinking of the noWedge era makes me cringe (*cringes*), but we made it! But we made it through. We fought wars after wars alongside our allies. We might seem like warmongers, but in reality, you aren’t going to find a tighter knit band of hooligans than we have here. The only way one could have achieved what we have today is through stout leadership and faithful members. Valhalla is lucky to have both.

Valhalla now sits in the Top 20 Alliances on Planet Bob, yet we have just a fraction of the amount of members most of the others have. We are part of the largest and most powerful Bloc on the planet. The reason for this is not our mere 150 members. Its our track record, our dedication to our allies and our will to fight. It takes a special person to be a Valhallan. We would like to ask all of Planet Bob to join in on the celebration of such a special day for us.

I’d like to thank Chefjoe for all the time he has put into this alliance as a Regent. He has guided us through another amazing year and will surely continue to lead us on a thrilling ride in our third.

The list of people can go on and on, since we value each and every member, whether government or not.

Either way… Keep on Rocking Valhalla! Let's see if we can make it 3?

Happy Birthday to.... US!

And the second part.. Here’s the award to the people who stood by us for a long time... The "Valkyrie Medal” of diplomatic honor.


Dark Mistress of New Pacific Order

Almighty Grub of New Polar Order

Coursca of Independent Republic of Orange Nations

DrDan of The Order of Paradox

Reyne of Old Guard

bigwoody of The Order Righteous Nations

Here’s a special diplomatic award for mhawk of The Phoenix Federation -AKA emperormuffinmares


"ride ‘em cowboy!"


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