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  1. Ah, a typical smart alec blurb from our neighborhood goons, imparting no new information worth speaking of and serving only to stir up attention in their flippant mewling manner. I'd entertain the possibility that this is an awkward pr move encouraged by your new bloc-mates so that you don't weigh them all down as much with your reputation, but I truly don't think you're a good enough alliance even for that token effort. So bravo on harping on about your reprehensible little bullying program which we were all so familiar with already I suppose. Always nice to read about the exact manner in which you're forcing players out of this already shrinking game. Sorry in advance for the fallout remainder of PB. But then, you did know what you were getting yourself into, so I'm not TOO sorry
  2. Entered the golden city, blackening it and became the first darkspawn
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