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Pax Corvus Turns Four


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Four years ago, today, a dream was born and Pax Corvus came into being. We had a dream - a place on the black team where we could grow in peace. And so a few weary refuges from Ubercon and TDO came together and founded an alliance based on Neutrality, Community, Equality and Integrity.

One year ago today, the last remnants of Ubercon who had once been Amazon Nation and were then Apparatus joined us at Pax Corvus, bringing a little steampunk into our lives.

This last year has been eventful. We have seen sanction and embraced it, holding it for many months until a kerfuffle with DBDC brought many of us to our first true conflict and brought our brothers and sisters once of Apparatus out of their caves. It made us stronger and more unified than we have ever been.

Today we celebrate that we are four years old. We intend to be here four more and four more after that and four more after that …. until the world end.

Come have coffee on us and celebrate the anniversary of our creation.

A tósta, le ceithre bliana de ghrá na síochána agus caife. Sláinte agus Cheers!
(A toast, to four years of a love of peace and coffee. Health and Cheers!)

I seirbhís do Pax

Cerridwyn, Chief
Marine Sniper, Tanist
Randalla, Commander of the Guard
Dr Salvador, Clerk
hughmcf, Envoy
worldpeace, Bard

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o/ Pax; here is to another four years!


Happy Birthday.  Glad we could help celebrate it with you :)


I have this strange suspicion they would have much prefered you hadn't 'helped' them.

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