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Indiana Jones and the Orange of Doom

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The Cure for Scurvy Accords

An Optional Defense and Aggression Pact



Expressing a desire to co-exist in harmony, to strengthen their friendship, and to build a solid foundation for their relationship, Doom Squad and the Orange Defense Network have come together to announce this Optional Defense and Aggression Pact.
Article I: Sovereignty
Pledging to never infringe on the sovereignty of each other, the signatories of this pact promise to operate under the principle of non-interference in the each others' internal affairs.
Article II: Non-Aggression
The signatories of this pact will refrain from any and all forms of hostile activity against each other, be it something as explicit as the use of military force or something covert, like espionage.
Article III: Intelligence
The signatories of this pact are to share any information or intelligence which pertains to the safety, stability, or overall well-being of each other. The recipient of any such information or intelligence is not to share it with third parties without explicit permission.
Article IV: Aid & Financial Transactions
The signatories of this pact are encouraged to financially assist each other in dire times, and to engage in financial transactions for their mutual benefit.
Article V: Optional Defense & Optional Aggression
Although neither signatory of this pact is legally bound to grant a military assistance request if its fellow signatory is under attack, both signatories have the option to do so if they wish. Likewise, both signatories declare that they will help each other in any aggressive wars if they so wish.

Article VI: Cancellation
This pact will come into effect immediately after ratification. If either signatory wishes to cancel this pact, they may do so at any time, however, a period of 72 hours must pass after the initial notification of cancellation before the pact is null and void.



For the Orange Defense Network General Assembly,


Senate LVII:
Hobbies0310, masterofwind, Nikolay, PeachesIII, Stealthypenguin93
Overlord Shinnra, Secretary-General
eZe, Assistant Secretary-General

OsRavan, Secretary of State
Zaxon, Secretary of Defense
NOMNOMNOM, Secretary of Economics
Hawspiper1983, Secretary of the Interior



For Doom Squad,


Lord Hershey, Alpha

Renegade4box, Beta

Ghost, Sentinel

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