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[size="7"][center]Final Announcement As An Alliance[/center][/size]

The VOC has been my home for many, many years. We didn't start out on Cybernations, we actually started out on another browser based game similar to this one. We had established quite an alliance on that game but the game itself was a dying bread, it was slowly dying off quite rapidly, and the politics and enjoyment for the game had been lost for awhile.

Due to this, we decided to bring our alliance to CN where many of us had been playing for awhile in different alliances along the way. We believed that this would be the best way to grow our community as a whole, and start new with a good group of core members/friends/pals. You see, VOC hasn't just been an alliance for many of our members, it's been a family, where we had spent many years getting to know and befriend people that were from all over the globe.

We hoped that with doing so, and moving to CN, we could really grow as an alliance with the larger community CN had to offer. We started out, gaining a few members here and there, losing a few members to inactivity and some deciding to return to their former alliances after awhile that they left to join when we formed. But through it, we maintained a group that was dedicated to keeping our goal of growth.

So with a heavy heart, i come to these forums today to issue our alliance disbandment. It's been 920 days, full of joys, sadness, and up's and downs, but i wouldn't trade it for anything. I personally tried to run our alliance and keep our goal alive, but due to real life involvements of mine and our other members we just can't see our goal coming true. We reached a point where we had two options, continue as an alliance and stay basically inactive for the most part, or join fellow allies/friends where our more active members would be able to connect with more people and rejuvenate the enjoyment for the game and not feel too stretched out with trying to do too many things.

We may have always been/stayed a micro alliance compared to the larger alliances, but i don't feel out efforts were in vain. It just came to a point where we didn't have enough individuals dedicated to the game like some of us to run the alliance how it needed to be ran. We may never had reached the goal we set forth when we started, but we kept the bonds we had made from a former game, and along the way made many new friends.

It was topped off with our involvement in the last war. It was our first war ever fought as an alliance, and we took on an alliance that was double our size, and prevailed. It brought great joy to me, to see our members do so well with not ever fighting, and giving Avalanche a good fight.

So starting today, we will merge The East India Company (VOC), into an ally of ours, and great friends, IRON. We were so happy the day we signed the treaty with IRON, and since then we have made great friends within IRON's member base. We feel this is the best home for us, where we can all move to together, and still keep the friendships we had, but at the same time, we gained so many more. IRON has been nice enough to allow this, and we can't thank them enough!

With Disbanding, our alliance and I would also like to send special thanks out:

[color="#0000FF"]TOP - You guys have been our friends from the beginning. You took us in, gave us a protectorate, and allowed us to pursue our goal without being raided. Not only that, but you offered your help with guides, suggestions, and information to help our alliance out, not only at the start, but throughout our time on CN. We will always be forever indebted to you'll, and we can't thank you enough.

Franklin - Franklin was the founder of VOC, not only in CN, but also in the former browser game. Without him, we would never of happened, and i wouldn't got the privileged to meet all the fine people in the VOC. Not only that, but he was the one who talked with TOP to get our alliance the protectorate. I know Franklin eventually left VOC and rejoined ODN where he was a longtime member of before we formed, and has since let his nation die of inactivity, but can't thank him enough.

SkyGreenChick - One of the nicest people on this game. We worked together a lot being allies, and was always there for us

Theophilos - Great friend to me, helped me out many times even before VOC allied IRON. Much love to you, and congrats on your Retirement

Longbowe - We sure have missed you on our forums. We had great talks, and always supplied tons to talk about on our forums. You also helped us with suggestions, and helped save our IRC channel as well. <3

Deathmerchant, Xsysstar, etc - Many of you have been longtime members of the VOC, and your efforts behind the scenes and such may not always have been seen, but we wouldn't of lasted without you'll.

Avalanche - Thank you for a great fight this past war. It was our first and only conflict we entered, and personally would like to thank you for fighting in a respectful, and fun matter
The list could go on and on, but i wanted to point our individuals that from the start, opened their arms up to us and helped us along the way.
[b]Other people i just want to thank are Mia, Blaskowicz, Jinnai, maladieshie, Megamind, Sodom, GuardianofNewbs, Notadolfhitler, MCRABT, Nikko, SicKo, LuM, and many more.[/b][/color]

If i missed you, please don't take offense, you should know we personally thank anyone that has been there for us along our time on the game.

I apologize if i have, but a lost in my family just yesterday has made it hard to find time to write this, and have the mindset to do so.
[b][font="Arial Black"][size="6"][size="6"]The VOC Maybe No More, But Our Spirit Will Live On With Our Friends In IRON[/size][/size][/font][/b][/color]

VOC Governor General - Rhizoctonia

***IRON Will Be Protecting The East India Company AA, As We Slowly Get Everyone Moved.***

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Sad to see you guys go, but glad that you'll still be our allies. You showed nothing but class, honesty, and determination in your time as an alliance, and that is more than enough to be commended on.


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You guys were great friends and frankly one of the best alliances in the game, it's a shame to see you guys go.

Best of luck in IRON (Friends being friends with friends yay!) and keep in touch!


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You guys were a class act and it was a pleasure to meet you in the last war.

It is sad to see you go, but I understand why it is necessary.

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