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  1. Minion Rouse

    Enjoying CN?

    @Fox Fire, hate to say it but we're all still dying, regardless of how much life we have. Anyway, this game is still fun for me even after all these years. It's sort of what I do on the internet instead of things like Facebook and tumblr.
  2. I dont know if I always agree 100% with everything you say, but it's good to see someone going the extra mile to make this place a little more interesting. I hope others learn from this example and maybe one day we can build a world that is attractive to a new player willing to explore.
  3. Why does this exist? Old meme is old.
  4. I do this too for the same reason :/
  5. You don't have to believe anybody here (they're all right), just write this down and read it again when you grow up. Just prepare to feel stupid.
  6. In Avalanche's first version, we had a ghost for a while named lovemachine. When we disbanded, we didn't care and he continued to fly the AA. Then when we reestablished a year or so later, it was like we were ghosting him. He unfortunately deleted a month or so after that though, guess it got too crowded.
  7. This certainly reminds me of why I love cybernations, thanks.
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