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  1. Y'all asked for our surrender, we refused, war went on. Not very nefarious! Congrats on a war well fought and better luck next time! Idk about you guys but I had a fun time, and isn't that really what war's all about?
  2. Minion Rouse

    Enjoying CN?

    @Fox Fire, hate to say it but we're all still dying, regardless of how much life we have. Anyway, this game is still fun for me even after all these years. It's sort of what I do on the internet instead of things like Facebook and tumblr.
  3. I dont even want to know how you managed to make those colors of snow, SirDog ;)
  4. Except our hotel rooms are better than the ones in Sochi ;)
  5. Congrats to my allies in Polaris and all of their battle partners! o/ Polar Best of luck on the rebuild, Pacifica!
  6. Thanks, man :D Everyone else should come see them too!
  7. Also our forum is back and in a new location! http://avalanche-cn.net/
  8. We are now at peace, so if you were reluctant to join us cuz of the war, you can now be sure that we are the right choice right now.
  9. I dont know if I always agree 100% with everything you say, but it's good to see someone going the extra mile to make this place a little more interesting. I hope others learn from this example and maybe one day we can build a world that is attractive to a new player willing to explore.
  10. You kept it classy, GATO. I like that. Good luck rebuilding and congratulations to my coalition mates for securing this victory.
  11. That would be kind of interesting actually... you should do it, for science. Also congrats to those on the TLR front!
  12. You admit to being uninformed and yet you still make accusations about the things you are uninformed about. It has been stated that even though NPO was not the focus of the initial declaration, they were still the main target of many members of the coalition, excluding Polaris. And if it was solely up to Dajobo, there would not have been any terms. But such is the fate of a coalition leader. Get stuck with the blame regardless of guilt.
  13. I would just like to clarify, Dajobo had no intention of asking for reps until other members of the coalition asked for them. That hardly makes it his idea.
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