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GOD Declaration


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[font="Georgia"][size="4"][b]Announcement from the Global Order of Darkness[/b][/size][/font][/center]

This political contest we play is an affair that can, at time, be quite ugly. Friendships turn rotten, allies turn coat and run, and history is whitewashed and repainted in the light of the current day. These are things we take as givens, but there's positive sides as well. Some friendships stand, some allies never do turn coat, and on very rare occasion, history is allowed to survive in tact. Honesty, virtue, loyalty, and kinship wins out. It's not the negatives that make this experience so exceptional, it's the positives. The things around us that make it worth bothering. Tonight, the Global Order of Darkness would like to honor a few of the individuals who mean a great deal to us. These individuals have gone to the mat for us on countless occasions, proved sober counsel, and embody qualities we find admirable and deserving of recognition.


[b]WarriorConcept[/b]: I've known you a long, long time, back to pre-UJP days, and you've always been a great friend to us. You have one of the sharpest minds on this game and your friendship is very appreciated.

[b]TypoNinja[/b]: Out of everyone on this list, you're the one I've known the longest, and that's crazy. Thanks for everything. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

[b]Delta1212[/b]: The amount of !@#$ we have been through would turn all the oceans brown. I don't need to tell you how much you mean to GOD and me, nor would I even know how. Thanks, seriously.

[b]EgoFreaky[/b]: Crazy Dutch !@#$%^&! You're one of the newer entries on this list, but man, you really earned it. Without you, Liz Delta and I would just be one big cloud of seriousness.

[b]Impero[/b]: It's been a crazy few years, but $%&@ed if we haven't pulled it off and had some fun with it. Haters gonna hate. I know some doubted you when you took over for Solaris way back, but no one besides Egore can claim to have done more as Lord at this point. As much as we butt heads sometimes, you've never given me a single reason to doubt your friendship or your loyalty. Thanks man.

[b]Liz[/b]: My fellow lunatic! We've been through some !@#$ too. You and CSN have been outstanding allies and you're just the leader they needed, whatever the doubters say.

[b]ShamedMonkey[/b]: You're the embodiment of what was great about the original generation on CN, and the brief time we got to work together in a serious way was fantastic. Enjoy retirement.

[b]Cornelius[/b]: I had [i]no idea[/i] who you were when Big_Z recruited you, but you've become one of the best friends I and GOD as a whole have on this game. You're welcome home anytime hippy bro.

[b]Arm Red[/b]: Da comrade! Haven't seen you much in a while, but you left a lasting impression with this alliance. Hope you're well wherever you are.

[b]cmf0203[/b]: You stabilized R&R at a time when R&R needed it and you were one of the best Delegates the Superfriends has had in our long history, and I don't forget. Enjoy your semi-retirement.

[b]tf905[/b]: You're an exceptional leader, and have been a great friend to GOD. FARK just wouldn't be the same without you.

[b]Solaris[/b]: Crazy Finnish !@#$%^&! I didn't really know you as Lord but you were an exceptional Duke and have proven an amazing friend to GOD. Enjoy the retirement.

[b]Chuck Normis[/b]: You're like CN's Buddha. When the power structure is frantic, you're like 'eh, what happens happens.' You (and CRAP) are truly unappreciated entities on this game considering how long you've been about, but you have a lasting place in GOD's heart to be sure.

[b]Cardsrock[/b]: I don't have words enough to thank you for all you've done for us. You're another perfect example of an older way of playing that, despite the best efforts of barbarians, has yet to die out. Never quit.

[b]Dajabo[/b]: You have proven a reliable, mature and trustworthy friend to GOD and had it not been for you, we'd likely still hate Polaris for business that deserved to be buried. Thanks man.

[b]Shadow[/b]: It's easy to forget you've been around nearly as long as Delta has. You're a voice of reason in a world that's often unreasonable and silly, and a great friend.

[b]Xavii[/b]: More than most you have a solid amount of integrity and a good nature. Your friendship has meant a lot to Big_Z and I over the last two years, and I hope you never quit.

[b]Bill Wallace[/b]: You're sharper than you get credit for, and we absolutely love you over here. Keep pimpin' pimpin.

[b]SpacingOutMan[/b]: One of the few true out-and-out Foreign Affairs guys on this game and another one that doesn't get half enough credit. Your professionalism has been great to watch and your friendship has been really appreciated.

[b]Tumultuous Papaya[/b]: Tums! You kept FARK-GOD alive through that relationship's darkest period and you've been a hell of a friend. Never quit.

[b]InfiniteWii[/b]: Didn't really know you that great until ArGo merged into VE, but you've been a stand up friend to GOD. We appreciate it and you always have a home here.

The above individuals are hereby made honorary members of the Global Order of Darkness, and presented with the following medal, that they may always remember the proper expression with which to approach troubled times:


Furthermore, they have been given an enhanced level of access to our private forums for life, as a mark of our trust and affection. Thanks again, all of you. :awesome:

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All I can say is ... thanks? I didn't know a ton about you all until after the VE disbanded, except for Big_Z. He convinced me to give you guys a try, and I can't say I've ever regretted it. Heck the only thing I regret is the way I left. VE has been and will always be my home, but it's nice to know that there's a place out there with the light on if I ever need it.

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[quote name='Auctor' timestamp='1322809786' post='2859165']
Hold up hold up hold up, how was I not on this list? :mad:

Indeed, 'tis a travesty that such a fine man was not included.

Surely this is an omission due to pure oversight or Xiph's desire to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Edited by Valdemar
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[quote]Furthermore, they have been given an enhanced level of access to our private forums for life, as a mark of our trust and affection. Thanks again, all of you.[/quote]

Quick Shamed! Undue all the hatred I have for you and get in there and get some juicy dirt on your man crush and his cronies!

In all seriousness though, I like the sentiment. Good luck to Xiphosis and his friends in these trying times. Well, at least these would be trying times if at least 2 of the people on that list decided to honor a certain hastily signed MDoAP.

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