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  1. I did the treaty graphic and Tronix's offspring did the flag drawings. Though, LotS did add WM's name back to the treaty title.
  2. It should probably be noted that at last check, the author of the OP no longer exists. So unless someone else magically updates the OP, it's not going to be updated. EDIT: Grammar.
  3. That flag is sort of ugly. And I don't care enough to try to even understand the topic.
  4. There are a lot more than that. Most don't make signature images for anyone around here, though. e.g. puppets, d34th, etc You're better off learning how to use Photoshop through tutorials than by requesting graphics. It's easy to learn, it didn't take me very long at all -- of course you also need an eye for art. Wish the best.
  5. Too bad Umbrella doesn't recruit, otherwise I'd accept a recruitment challenge.
  6. You're welcome. Umbrella is glad we brought you success. (Stewie is cool)
  7. A lot of alliances have been waffling on the 200 member mark for most of this year, I think by the end of this year the only alliance above 200 will be NPO. And, well, everything will continue to slide after that point. We've had a number of long-time and even original members delete lately from sheer boredom and disinterest.
  8. I'd like to congratulate R&R on getting their sanction back. =]
  9. An alliance has internal discussions? This is totally news worthy. That said, I'd like to protest Umbrella's A- rating. Seriously... what the fuck? This is unacceptable.
  10. This notion that Umbrella was being torn apart is only partially true. While our infrastructure was reduced to almost nothing across the alliance, we still had money to rebuy after the war, because infrastructure isn't as important as technology is. And we still have one of the highest amounts. What I'm saying is that your argument is funny. And by 'your' I am saying anyone in this thread that said we were dying horribly (salsabeast maybe?). I cba reading anything past a few posts I skimmed through because frankly I don't give a shit. Anyway, the whole 'competence' versus 'incompetence' thing is silly, admittedly, but what else is there to do other than laugh at the mistakes of your opponents? And the word I've read from multiple alliances from Equilibrium post war paints a picture of a fucking god awful coalition to work within. And that's not just from allies or close friends. Peace.
  11. Very kind words from you my dear sir.
  12. The Tooter Pact Article I. Umbrella and the Disciples of Destruction agree to be civil and friendly in all interactions between their memberships (excluding any interactions involving NationRuler). Article II. Umbrella and the Disciples of Destruction agree to a pact of non-aggression between their two alliances. Article III. In the event that one signatory comes under direct attack by a third party the other signatory is obligated to come to the defender's assistance via military and financial aid. If said attack comes as a result of the defender activating a treaty with a third party, such assistance becomes optional. Article IV. Should one signatory decide to conduct an aggressive attack against a third party, the other signatory is encouraged, but not obligated to assist. Article V. Umbrella and the Disciples of Destruction agree that the Disciples of Destruction's official acronym shall still continue to be recognised as TOOTR within Umbrella and we don't care if they dislike it. Article VI. If one signatory decides that they would like to cancel this pact, they will be required to give the other signatory 72 hours notice. After this 72 hour period comes to a close, Articles 1-4 shall be considered null and void. Article 5 is permanent and cannot be canceled or altered by any means. Signed for Umbrella, Daikos, President domisi, Pontifex Maximus, Princeps Senatus, Imperator Raken, Head Envoy Cuba & Dylan Carter, Envoys Pudge, Field Marshal Martikora, Generator Marcus Bellator, The Economist MrHiott, Assistant Economist Signed for the Disciples of Destruction, Elders, Bassman MrGross Hormones The Sword, Malinok The Voice, Dragonaspect The Hand, Cadieness The Blessed, Bomber66 Power jesse james -- This is a new treaty for a new alliance; our treaty with The Order of the Reaper transferred over to the Disciples of Destruction per Parasol vote. Your merge took a really long time, I didn't think Bassman was capable of lasting that long. Congratulations on your new alliance, we in Umbrella wish you all the best. Edit: Fixed flag size. Edit: Made JR happy.
  13. Everything was shattered. Everything was in shambles. The world was upside down. And it was all before midnight bowling.
  14. Paperless as a united endeavour is not without benefits. And removing your alliance from the web by being as unconnected as possible can work and has for alliances in the past, but for alliances like mine it's just not possible without either sitting in peace mode indefinitely or getting hit repeatedly. That's not to say that we wouldn't have anyone defending us, but generally speaking it wouldn't work to be apart from the web in the way CoJ has been (essentially paperless) unless others did it. Future politics will just be the same as they are now. Just with less people.
  15. Isolation will happen, yes, but I call that progress. It only matters if a major alliance does it. Would anyone attack IRON if they suddenly threw away all of their treaties? Doubtful. But if a micro did it, they'd be in the backalley getting their salad tossed. Pretty much as you said, it goes by who makes what moves. But these days that won't happen.
  16. I would not say that the war against Umbrella failed. It just didn't achieve any meaningful goals beyond lowering the ANS and by association the total strength. The upper tier still is there for the most part, Umbrella just expended a chunk of change in the execution of the war its self.
  17. Paperless is the best way but unfortunately not many around here agree. The future is what you make of it, not that anything around here actually changes. You can predict the way things will go here like clock work.
  18. RnR's growth is impressive. Hat's tipped to their economic and recruitment teams.
  19. If nothing else, I really like the guy in the OP.
  20. They've been using the same flag style since 2009, though there is a static announcement flag that I've got saved. *shrug*
  21. Glad to see this. Guardian loves all of its branches. =]
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