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Never Cross a Terran


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[b][u][color="#FF0000"][size="7"]The Never Cross a Terran Accords[/size][/color][/u][/b]
[color="#000080"][size="1"]An ODP between the Christian Coalition of Countries and the Terran Empire[/size][/color][/center]


This document serves to show that the Christian Coalition of Countries and The Terran Empire share common principles of ideology and ethics. Each member of each alliance vows to show general good will, and appreciation for the other. Through similar ideals and fruitful relations, both alliances strive for mutual betterment together.

[b]Article I - Peace[/b]:

The Terran Empire and the Christian Coalition of Countries mutually assure that neither signatory will physically attack, or spy the other, or provide aid to a known enemy.

[b]Article II - Intelligence[/b]:

The Christian Coalition of Countries and The Terran Empire agree that upon possession of useful information to the other signatory, said alliance will give the information to the other. This will be done in a timely fashion.

[b]Article III - Aid[/b]:

The Terran Empire and the Christian Coalition of Countries know that in times of need aid may be called upon from the other signatory. While it is not mandatory to aid, it is encouraged and can only prove to further relations between the two alliances. Aid can be given as Military aid or Monetary support.

[b]Article IV - Optional Defense[/b]:

If either signatory comes into defensive conflict with another alliance, the other party may come to their aid, but is not required to.

[b]Article V - Cooperation[/b]:

Both alliances are encouraged to assist each other in monitoring for and dealing with rogue attacks against the other. While not required, it is understood that through cooperation, raids may be better stopped and reduced in effectiveness.

[b]Conclusion and Cancellation[/b]:

This treaty serves to show each signatory shares similar values and strives together to uphold them. This treaty is subject to cancellation if either signatory is not happy with Article II, or if relations over time have fallen apart. Termination of this pact requires 72 hours notice. This notice is required to be given firstly via private channels. Any intentional or planned violations of the articles within this treaty result in the treaty being considered immediately void, unless otherwise agreed upon by the leadership of both signatories.

Signed for the [b]Christian Coalition of Countries[/b]:

Chancellor: [b]Exodus[/b]
Vice Chancellor: [b]Bolak[/b]
Minister of Foreign Affairs: [b]Wes the Wise[/b]
Minister of Internal Affairs: [b]Charmander[/b]
Minister of Defense: [b]Les Paul Supreme[/b]

Signed for the [b]Terran Empire[/b]:

[b]Yuurei[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Foreign Affairs[/i]
[b]Michaelboy88[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Administration[/i]
[b]Tim Burke[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Defense[/i]
[b]Ceaser Augustus[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Internal Affairs[/i]
[b]estaked[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Finance[/i]

Edited by Yuurei
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