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  1. Hello old friend. You probably won't see this, but I wanted to say I remember you :)

    1. Asriel Belacqua

      Asriel Belacqua

      Hello old friend! I didn't see it for a while, and I am not sure I entirely remember who you were, but I did want you to know I saw it after a while!

    2. Asriel Belacqua

      Asriel Belacqua

      If you want to stay in contact: a.belacqua@gmail.com is a better way to find me!

  2. Starfox is a dick, and Junka is pretty cool. Why does everyone feel the need to bash any kind of intelligent, historical type thread on here....
  3. It's kind of uncalled for to make a whole load of unpleasant remarks about a well written piece which someone has put a bit of effort into, whether or not you're the NPO's biggest fan. Also, at the OP, you're Junka/Unko whatsit, right? I vaguely remember you. We had some sort of friendly rivalry going on at one point. You were cool.
  4. Crymson is nasty to everyone Schatt, not just you.
  5. I did see that actually, and assumed they had simply tacked his name on there.
  6. Whoa. I knew I was out of touch, but I never saw this coming. I'm not a fan of TOP, but it's to Dajobo's credit that he hasn't hung onto old grudges. You'd never have got Grub signing a treaty like this.
  7. An exceptionally foolish yet not entirely unexpected move from ODN, as they will probably discover at some point. Arsenal would turn in his grave.
  8. what the heck? ODN cancelled on Umbrella? I must be really out of touch having not been on IRC in months but I really didn't expect this. Can someone who is not a ranting anti-ODN nut explain why this happened? is ODN planning on drifting towards the recent Q 2.0 coalition in terms of FA? I really can't see that happening given their relationship with MK.
  9. I remember a time when NPO members were spouting their great love and admiration for the ODN. Funny how you've changed your tune. It's almost like you were putting it on so that ODN wouldn't oppose your treaty with TLR.
  10. "The mighty"? Really? :v: E: Oh I see, that was sarcastic. In which case, disregard!
  11. So much crying in this thread! So what if AI and co wanted their ally to help attack TOP? It's a war. That's what allies do in wars. And like TOP or MK or anyone else on Competence's side wouldn't have done the exact same thing in NPO's place... :rolleyes: Cybernations is old enough by now that pretty much everyone has dirty hands and most people on both sides of this war have curbstomped other alliances at one time or other.
  12. Are you trying to sound ~*intellectual*~ in an attempt to scale the slippery pole in NPO, or do you usually spout this kind of waffle? :v:
  13. Well, the fact that it was posted on a public forum might be a start. I know exactly what it feels like to be at the butt end of unkind remarks in this community. If the entire point of your post is to put someone down and there is literally nothing constructive that is going to come out of it, why not just avoid saying it?
  14. I want him to stay. I don't think that anything in his post gave you reason to be needlessly unpleasant either.
  15. Really? ODN isn't going to surrender for a very long time (assuming DH/C&G lose) and they hold an MDoAP with INT as well as the C&G MADP, which was designed as a suicide pact. C&G leadership understand the impact of surrenders on morale and none of them will surrender before consulting the others. I think you might just get more than you bargained for ;)
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