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Declaration of Recognition

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When Bob asked us to offer our support for the reestablishment of The Grämlins AA, it was an easy decision. The original Grämlins have long been a group whom we held in the highest regard and had the utmost respect for, but that Grämlins ceased to exist some time ago. Today, however, it has been reformed.

The Viridian Entente recognizes the reformation of The Grämlins as related by [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=101832"]this[/url] thread, and further recognizes their sole sovereignty over the alliance affiliation therein.



Impero, Lord of the Entente
Solaris, Duke of the Entente
Goldie, Secretary of Defense
Cornelius, Secretary of State
Bergini, Secretary of the Interior
Asawyer, Secretary of Economics

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[quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1305497911' post='2712363']
I hear Polar supports Ramirus.
You really do spout some garbage at times!

We don't care about this issue at all and have no interest in trying to be the judge on who is right. We have no connection or issue with Ramirus and we had no issues with the previous leaders of Grämlins before all this happened.

Good luck to those involved.

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[quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1305508177' post='2712506']
I thought we got over these retarded threads back in 2008....

I suppose you could be posting worse, as you usually do

Need a tissue?

Anyway good luck Bob, I'm sure you guys will do great.

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"We don't care but we will sure take the time to sling baseless insults for wasting our precious time that could be used to focus on all the things we are constantly complaining are so boring!"


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[quote name='Biff Webster' timestamp='1305502563' post='2712423']
In before Ardus Sirdogs this thread with a joint DH declaration of recognition.
Gre didn't ask us to make a post, nor do they need one to know we support them. Posting a DoS without being asked would be poor form and a shameless grab for attention.

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