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  1. Same...because you're never on IRC when I am! -_-

  2. Month late 2011 hello :D

  3. I'm not trying to spin things Shilo. Merely saying that when someone is making a post you then insult them straight away, surely that is detrimental to what you're tying to achieve? Anyways, best of luck with whatever it is you do Shilo.
  4. So yea I'm done with this. You said something about not being able to communicate with us and yet when I come here and make a post you decide to insult me, that's really gonna make me want to talk to you about all this. So I'm done trying to converse with you, if you decide you want to act with even a modicum of respect then let me know and I'll think about responding.
  5. Yes, if a player is worth an application then their nation doesn't matter. If that means they need to speak to an existing member to get a vouch then sometimes that's necessary, but we have accepted newly created nations before.
  6. Shilo, you are severely mistaken if you think we would be so low as to try and gain attention by 'destroying' your alliance (which we are not doing). And seriously, how old do you think our members are, 5 ? And I'm trying as hard as possible to try and remain respectful throughout this whole thing. But when people like you and others come along and try and !@#$ all over something I've put work into for 3 years, and the people I've worked with for that long it becomes very difficult.
  7. what? yes i pass here.. i was bored

  8. Omas Nams

    First Issue

    Girls can stand and pee. You obviously suck at it though. This made me laugh XD
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