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Greetings fellow players of planet bob. I'd like to announce the declaration of existance for the Darkslaying Order of Goons otherwise known as DOG. We are a small alliance that was recently established on Jan 30 2011 and ever since we've been getting our alliance in order. This DoE will show info about our alliance and what we stand for.


IRC Channel:
Coming Soon

Wiki Page:
http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Darks..._Order_of_Goons (beware it's under construction)

Goony, Triumvir Head of Inner and Foreign Affairs
Darkslayer, Triumvir Head of Defense

We shall be protected by our glorious friends at Amazon Nation. The charming Randalla shall post it soon.

Charter for the DOG
(Darkslaying Order of Goons)

Part 1: DOG Mission
DOG's mission is to provide protection and ensure the growth of it's nations to promote peace, prosperity and sovereignty among it's nations and it's allies.

Part 2: Admissions
DOG accepts the applications of any nations that wish to join the alliance. Nations that wish to join DOG must not be involved in any wars or cannot be an enemy or a member of any other alliance. Nations that join DOG must follow application procedures and swear allegiance to the alliance and follow the rules of the charter through the following oath:

I, (ruler name) of (nation name), as a member of DOG, agree to follow all the rules of the DOG charter. I agree not to engage in any offensive conflict or espionage, in game or otherwise, unless I have been given permission by the DOG government, or a DOG military official. I understand that the consequence of taking such actions will lead me to be punished by the alliance. I will aid DOG, be it through military or financial support, whichever is asked of me, and I understand that by ignoring aid orders, I may be punished accordingly. I also understand that I will not be considered a DOG member unless I have my Alliance Affiliation set to Darkslaying Order of Goons.

Part 3: Triumvirs
The DOG is a Triumvir government and is comprised of three permanent leaders, who are in the highest office, in command of all members.
Section 1: Triumvirs are responsible for the decision making of the alliance. They can pass laws, declare war ect. All Triumvirs of the DOG will work together, listening to each other’s advice. For a decision to pass the Triumvirs need a majority vote of 2/3.
Section 2: When a Triumvir vote is opened it will be passed within 48 hours or until all 3 Triumvirs vote, whichever comes sooner. At least 2 Triumvirs need to vote for a decision to pass.
Section 3: Each Triumvir may leave at his own will, at which time the remaining two Triumvirs will agree to appoint a third Triumvir to take over for the Triumvir that left. If the Triumvirs reach a stalemate, then they will call upon the ministers to aid in the vote who will also receive one vote each.
Section 4: The Triumvirs vote on ministers to appoint into the office to rule over the following sections of defense, foreign affairs and inner affairs. Each Triumvir is tasked with being a head of a ministry and will supervise the work of the minister of said ministry. Triumvirs have a minimum of one month of being the head of a certain ministry before Triumvirs can negotiate upon switching ministries. This ensures that Triumvirs are experts in all areas of government.
Section 5: If one of DOG's Triumvirs is thought to be too inactive or not doing what they deem to be the best for the alliance, then the two other leaders can call a vote with the alliance to try to kick the said Triumvir out of office or even the alliance in serious situations. Majority vote of the matter wins. If the said Triumvir is on a probation period, then the other 2 Triumvirs can vote the said Triumvir out themselves.
Section 6: When a Triumvir first takes office they are put on a one month probation period to ensure they are fit for the job.

Part 4: Ministers
The Triumvirs of DOG agree to appoint ministers who are in charge of defense, foreign affairs and inner affairs.
Section 1: Triumvirs may at any time vote to remove a minister. A 2/3 vote is needed to remove a minister.
Section 2: Ministers may vote upon decisions that Triumvirs decide to bring to them or any decisions stated in section 2 that require the vote of the ministers.
Section 3: Ministers have authority over members of the alliance however any decisions they make must be approved by a Triumvir.

Part 5: policies
Members of DOG that break the alliance laws will be punished accordingly by the alliance which will be overseen by the MoIA under approval by a Triumvir. Depending on severity, the law breaking nation may have to pay reparations or even may be expelled from the alliance and attacked. Other alliances will be notified of actions of expelled members.
Section 1: DOG members may NOT at any time attack a fellow DOG member without explicit approval from a Triumvir or MoIA.
Section 2: All DOG members accused of unlawful actions are entitled to apply to a fair trial of which the three Triumvirs will look over and decide upon.
Section 3: Tech raiding and attacking other alliance affiliated nations are not allowed unless you are given approval from a Triumvir, or MoD. Members of DOG who wish to attack non-alliance affiliated nations may do so without approval from a Triumvir or MoD, but do so knowing that it is at their own risk and DOG will not be required to assist them. Members are responsible for knowing whether who they tech raid has protection from other alliances.
Section 4: Nations are allowed to posses nuclear weapons but are not allowed to use them offensively unless they have approval from a Triumvir or other official who has approval from a Triumvir. Nations are allowed to use nuclear weapons defensively if they are nuked first.
Section 5: Charter Amendments are allowed when all 3 Triumvirs agree on it or if 2/3 of Triumvirs and all the ministers agree on it.

Part 6: member rights
The members of the DOG are protected from all hostile nations that may attack a member. Every DOG member may be called upon to furnish troops to protect a DOG member who is being attacked by a hostile nation.
Section 1: A nation that refuses to aid another nation without a legitimate reason against the order of a government official, may be accordingly punished.
Section 2: Every member has the right to express their own opinion in alliance discussions.
Section 3: Members are expected to be respectful to each other and show integrity, honor, and respect to those outside of the alliance.
Section 4: Any member has the right the leave DOG at their own will but must follow the simple resignation policy.


Signed for DOG,

Goony, Triumvir Head of Inner and Foreign Affairs
Darkslayer, Triumvir Head of Defense

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[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1301289922' post='2678875']
I'm curious as to why, if you've already been working on this for two months, you didn't wait until you could fill all the triumvir positions?
I am in the same state of mine... But congrats on being born on my bday :smug:

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Wait what?

I mean I don't personally care and I don't really count for anything but like, what? From an objective standpoint of those who are diplomatic, why would you choose this? From those are not diplomatic, what do you think you're trying to pull? I mean if there's a reason that doesn't involve us, fine, whatever, but...

I seriously have no idea what's going on in this thread or whether I should be concerned or not, or not involved or what. No one has briefed me on this.

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[quote name='Mofeta' timestamp='1301286045' post='2678819']
I can't wait until you team up with the Bloodfighting Kingdom of Mushrooms to take on the Shadowkilling Order of Pacifics.

THey and the Bloodfighting Kingdom of Mushrooms should join forces with Parasol in order to form Mood Home.

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[quote name='Kyaris' timestamp='1301294819' post='2678930']
I seriously have no idea what's going on in this thread or whether I should be concerned or not, or not involved or what. No one has briefed me on this.

No need for concern, as you've just found out by paying us a visit to ask--I appreciate you taking the time to do so. ;)

As for joining forces... baby steps, people. Give 'em time to make their way down their own path. :ehm:

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