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  1. I do now, back then was a different time as I am sure you know. The game has changed since then. Also, as for the panfilo situation, nothing else said is going to change anything, so I am done with this.
  2. According to you guys, what I did probably would warrant a zi. I wasn't going to explain my situation, but I might as well. I joined MK during the war, at a time when I didn't believe in first strike nukes. When I told them I would wait until I was nuked first before I nuked back, A couple MK members Called me names and acted very childish about the whole thing. Also, my alliance and I were allied to echelon & MK at the time. I was in the wrong then, I know it. I should have looked into how they operated before I changed my AA to MK. BUT, I changed my AA to MK during the war, held th
  3. Well that is deserving of ZI, Even if that was his reason for leaving (which i don't think it was)I don't think Sentencing him to ZI would be considered "justice". I am done with this, at least for tonight.
  4. So he didn't leave the alliance? That's not why he is on your ZI list?
  5. Well they have not spoken with Panfilo as much as I have. I have gotten to know him, and know that he would be a great member & friend. Plus, I don't see how what he did deserves to get him ZI'ed. Also, I don't get how that is funny, care to explain??
  6. So he left the alliance, therefore deserves to be Zi'ed I guess that's a good way to keep members from leaving.
  7. Maybe I don't have the whole story, but it sounds to me that OVER A YEAR AGO, one of the founders (Panfilo) didn't agree with the direction you guys were going, so he left, and those that felt the same left with him. If I am wrong, please correct me. I am not being sarcastic, I really want to know what is so bad that you have to chase another long term player from the game.
  8. JUSTICE, LOL... You make me laugh. This is part of what is ruining the game. We have half the number of members we use to have. This was so long ago, I actually had respect for Athens until I had to try to deal with you guys tonight, WHat a joke. Note: I hold no position in my alliance.
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