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  1. Not with GOONS specifically, which was my field of discussion for the post. I acknowledge that there are still other minor fronts in the war ongoing.
  2. This week's Statement From Squad S actually has little to do with current events and is instead a response to some other posts regarding the meta-theory of the morality of war. It is not in any way specific to the current conflict, so I'd like to keep responses non-partisan. There's a little bit of required reading for this post: You Doing It Right? and The Logic of War in CN, from eyriq's recent blog. In his post, eyriq makes important claims about interactions between players in the controlled environment of the CyberNations rule-set. The variations of interactions between "I", "We", "Y
  3. I didn't really read past the first line, but it's true! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks, HoT.
  4. Wait what? I mean I don't personally care and I don't really count for anything but like, what? From an objective standpoint of those who are diplomatic, why would you choose this? From those are not diplomatic, what do you think you're trying to pull? I mean if there's a reason that doesn't involve us, fine, whatever, but... I seriously have no idea what's going on in this thread or whether I should be concerned or not, or not involved or what. No one has briefed me on this.
  5. I agree completely with this blog. Nevertheless, in the PR war, as in advertising, emotion wins out more than reason. I suspect it will continue to happen on both sides. For my part, it's basically impossible not to want to say horrible horrible things about Legion. :3
  6. By exceedingly ineffective I mean split your forces in two, and left a lot of nations to suffer needlessly and perish to ZI.
  7. That was my entire point. If you wanted to hide in peace mode legitimately, calling in your allies confuses the issue. It's the sort of theoretical tactic that only works if you perform it with 100% accuracy, or as close to it as you can. If you only put half your alliance in peace mode, what's left outside gets absolutely wrecked. The correct execution of this tactic would have been to hole up into peace mode, tell their allies to intercede, and wait and see what happens. If GOONS does nothing, then the moral high ground is justified, namely that they would not have and could not have in
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes. Having 1% of your NS in the fight is clearly a contribution. I agree that your "peace mode tactic" isn't cowardice. It's cunning. You get to claim contribution and support of an ally and try to take the diplomatic moral high ground, when in reality you have risked absolutely nothing in this fight and done nothing. Your protectorate alliance, The Last Republic, has done more in this war than you have. Just shut up.
  9. You need to learn to read. I said having 12 alliances dogpile GOONS made you lose your moral high ground. The peace mode is just insulting to the alliances who came to do your dirty work.
  10. I have already addressed this issue, below: If you "have not begun to fight" in invite you to accept Doomhouse's terms and begin to fight. Go on then. That's right. You can't. You missed your chance. You have no strategic foothold whatsoever. Your allies are the only threat to us whatsoever, and it is not to their advantage to defend you for no gain or recognition whatsoever. If you wanted to start fighting, perhaps you should've considered doing it while you still had allies left to fight alongside you.
  11. I don't think it's "bad for the game" in some grandiose care-cat sense. I just think NPO has used it exceedingly ineffectively in this war. Because they're bad at strategy.
  12. fixed. i always make dumb mistakes like that.
  13. Yeah basically. I'm kind of appalled at myself for writing so many :words:.
  14. It is becoming more and more apparent that the GOONS front of the Doomhouse War is finally nearing its end. With this week's surrenders, remaining enemy forces aligned against us are reduced to seven alliances: New Pacific Order The Legion Cult of Justitia Regnum Invictorum The Phoenix Federation Sanitarium 64Digits Among these, peace mode is prevalent and offensive wars are sparse, with TPF and Invicta being the only forces doing any noticeable fighting whatsoever. I've posted a number of times alluding to the subject matter of why it does not pay to be an ally of the Hopeless Coalit
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