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The Sons of Mímir are at play

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[center][b][size=6]Soldiers Deserve Soldiers, Sir[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJfEQQ_Tl_o"].[/url][/size][/b]

Yesterday, the Federation of Armed Nations declared war on the Independent republic of Orange Nations. They offer as explanation for this act, their friendship with Fark.
Valhalla has friends as well, and when said friends are attacked, Valhalla will defend. Valhalla hereby activates the defense clause of her M[b]D[/b]oAP with IRON, and declares war on FAN.

FAN has proven themselves to be some of the finest soldiers in on planet Bob, and Valhalla thinks they deserve only the finest of opponents.

Signed by the Government of Valhalla for her membership:
Lord of the Dark
Seipher Caim

..and featuring his Majesty:
Stumpy, King of the Purple sphere

Obligatory Gun Porn to Follow:

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FAN you shouldn’t have attacked IRON. We like IRON a lot m’kay?

However its going to be a pleasure fighting you, lets hope you live up to the fine reputation you have ;)

Good luck my fellow Vikings, lets show Bob what we’re made off.

o/ Valhalla
o/ Posting in an epic thread.

(Edit; First first)

Edited by Lord of the Dark
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