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  1. interesting war...going to take a nap.

    1. Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Go ahead. If the war hits you, you won't feel a thing.

  2. As previously stated there is a big difference between waving your own flag, and showing pride in your nation in finally getting closure on horrific events from over 10 years ago, and burning another nations flag in hate. Osama got the same rights he gave those on September 11...and heck even more, as the SEAL team gave him the opportunity to live and stand trial. Instead he reached for a weapon. That is an act of aggression and I do not fault the SEALs for using deadly force on him based on history. I will close this post by merely saying it is a time for us to remain vigilant, not forget
  3. Hey there K, very sad, yet excited to see friends feel the need to set out on their own. Please whatever you do stay in touch with us over at Olympus, I wish you luck on your journey. I will plagiarize a bit and copy Grendels recruitment post is it really does sum Olympus up very well. edit: double quotes here is bad mkay?
  4. DK, I know the long and sometimes tedious journey you have been on my friend. Congratulations on yet another step completed, I look forward to seeing you continue to excel in life and always remember the only thing worse than a lawyer....is um.... well nevermind :P Serously though congrats my friend, sorry it took so long to see this :S

  5. I have to say if Kronos was really involved in this, I am disappointed and really hope that they work closely with Valhalla to compensate their treaty partner for the BS that they have caused. I dont feel like digging through over ten pages of "hahaha Failhalla peace moders" comments, but I think its important to address a few things: 1. Peace mode is a valid option when facing the odds that Valhalla was looking at. I would have to say I would have done the same in their shoes to allow ourselves a chance to get a second wave in. Valid military long term war tactic. Those pointing fingers
  6. [quote name='Zeta Defender' date='21 May 2010 - 01:35 AM' timestamp='1274420125' post='2306569'] And so begins the New Pansy Order... [/quote] We aint new....and please don't encourage him...his head gets big and before you know it we are in a war...
  7. very nice to see this come to pass. o/ NPO o/ Olympus
  8. Congratulations on the release from terms. I can't wait to see the new dawn that begins with NPO now. You know where to find us
  9. Very interesting turn of events... o/ and such...
  10. think about the children for Gods sake!!
  11. great read as always Sir Paul. May admin show a great light upon NPO in the coming months as your rebuild takes place. You have all handled your terms much more gracefully than I think I could have considering all those attacks on your sovereign soil that went undefended!!! Very poor show by the G15, and just goes to show you that when your down and beat up because of terms, those whom are sworn by surrender terms to defend you must have honor in order to do so. I wish NPO the best in your rebuild it was amazing to watch. o/ NPO
  12. Congratulations on the name change and good luck moving forward. In regards to Poseidon that was sad to see that happen, however, most of purple unity are still heavily tied together even with the changes in Poseidon. Good luck on your journey Invicta and make sure you bring back some beer! o/ Invicta o/ Purple
  13. You know its kind of interesting watching the progression of when I was in school and we thought a flashing green screen that said "Hi Jeff good morning and welcome to Computers 101" was cool after 3 days of computer theory and here I am making a blog post using pretty much a point and click method. Soon there will be a time when everyone who isn't on the internet and has a presence there, is out of the ordinary. Technology is funny like that. As a kid I remember 8 tracks, 33 and 45 speed vinyl records and when tapes came along it was a huge thing.... Remember Sony Walkmans? Now we have IPOD
  14. good luck on Blue NATO, I understand your desire to leave Aqua.
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