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  1. OMFG was not only a great ally but many are great friends. I am sad to see this and wish all of you the best. To whichever alliances your members choose to go, you are incredibly lucky and will gain some of the strongest players CN has to offer.
  2. Pretty sure it would be a rather stupid move of TIO to try and rally support to roll on of our longest treaty partners. I just can't see one of our MDP partners hitting the other nor how it is a strategic idea to MDP an ally of Umb if this were the case. Zoom is a rogue that hit PF and is just trying to stir the pot. I take his word with a grain of salt.
  3. They drugged me..this is the only explanation for this.
  4. o/ TIO Good luck out there! Wait, you don't need luck...you're awesome enough as is.
  5. O god! Psychological warfare! RELEASE! THE PONIES!
  6. [quote name='Auctor' timestamp='1342067332' post='3008861'] oh I have a feeling this is going to be quite a dance. [/quote] Damn, is it a formal dance or one of those slutty club dances?
  7. We still have a great amount of respect for VE. Even Baltus.
  8. [center][img]http://i32.tinypic.com/1huj9u.jpg[/img] First, 47 hours ago VE government was notified that Article 5 of The "Smooth Otter Not Post Drunk" Accords would be activated. The oDP between Argent and the Viridian Entente is hereby cancelled. Also, we have held elections and our new government is as follows: Emperor - Yosh (mgregory) Regent - Foxchild (Keishii) Minister of War - Otter Minister of Foreign Affairs - Lowsten Minister of Finance - Iamthey Minister-at-Large - Espressoville [/center] [size="1"] edit: spelling[/size]
  9. [quote name='trimm' timestamp='1337920922' post='2971975'] Given that UE fought reasonably capably alongside Argent against the paper tiger that was Sparta, I can't see any particular reason for anyone to get their panties in a bunch over this, other than to simply spew a few more lines of meaningless OWF venom out no particular effect. That said, I still don't get this dang pony thing. [/quote] I still don't quite understand it either. But after a couple episodes, I can see the humor.
  10. [quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' timestamp='1337914618' post='2971887'] This game isn't about friendship, it's about politics. [/quote] Then you obviously don't know Argent well. We believe in loyalty and friendship. We don't enjoy having to fight for people we don't like just because it makes "political" sense.
  11. We fought with them in the last "war" with Sparta. They fought well and were actually pretty organized. Ever since we've maintained communication. There are a couple pony fans in our gov now and we've just grown closer as friends. That's pretty much how it came to be.
  12. Here is my opinion: [url]http://youtu.be/WkY8xr3M_b8[/url] o/ UE o/ Argent
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