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Alliance name origins


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Mnyeah. The name origins topic by OberstKrieger - about the story behind your nation name etc. - gave me a little idea; where does the name of your alliance come from? During my treks on the Bob I've heard some pretty interesting stories about certain alliances and it'd be swell if we got some others as well here - not too many alliances have obvious names like FOK! and Fark and their meanings rarely are unfolded to those not in the know.

Unfortunately, there's not much say concerning FCO's name - we're Finns, we cooperate and we're organized. Not really a tough puzzle to solve, but I'm really curious to learning more about some of the more enigmatic names we're having here.

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Imperial Assault Alliance comes from a Mod community for the game EaW, the particular mod is known as Imperial Assault II. Origins for the community are located at the site for the mod. http://www.imperialassault.com/rote/

I could have sworn it's just because we're Imperial and like to Assault people. :mellow:

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Mostly Harmless Alliance is a reference to the well known Science Fictions series of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams.

In this Guide the planet called "Earth" was described as being "Mostly Harmless" to foreign visitors from space.

As our culture is very laid back, relaxed and peaceful, our founders figured this would be a great name for our alliance.

Before gaining sanctioned status (in the second half of 2007) there was a huge discussion about changing our alliance name from Mostly Harmless Alliance to "Mostly Harmless. Obviously those wanting to change lost this discussion.

For more info, check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hitchhike...e_to_the_Galaxy

Just remember, DON'T PANIC! and do not forget your towel!

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The Foreign Division are named after The Foreign Legion, and probably came about around the fact that it used to be very European centered, with mostly European members.

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