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The Titan named Athens

The sky is heavy, hidden behind storm clouds that spread deep over every nation, a thick veil of nuclear contamination. The fallout is bearable, for a trampled world which once stood silent and helpless in the face of tyranny has risen up and overthrown the mighty.

Through the turbulence of war and the mighty fall of earth shaking Giants, two men climb from the ashes and lend their strength to each other. The Dark Evolution and Athens, whose sovereign banners once flew high, form one. The world holds its breath in awe.

Behold the Titan, Athens.

The Charter of Athens

Article I

The Athenian Way

A. Statement of Intent

We, the people of Athens, recognizing our diverse heritage and rich history, hereby establish this charter as a supreme governing document for our city. We will continue to grow and evolve in all ways in the pursuit of the unattainable perfection of the gods. Our loyalty to those who are our true friends shall be absolute and without question. Our commitment to noble behavior and the continuous evolutionary improvement of ourselves shall never waver. And we shall prevail.

Article II

The Council of Archons

A. The Archon eponymos

The Archon eponymos is the sovereign ruler of the city-state of Athens, and as such has ultimate and binding authority over all governmental decisions made under her auspices. He is the ultimate and final executive, legislative, and judicial authority. He may create and destroy governmental positions, admit and expel members, and appoint individuals to government positions and strip them of power. It is possible that more than one individual within the alliance may hold this title at once. When this is the case, the Diarchs shall make decisions on important matters of state by consensus with each other. Such matters of state include: signings and cancellations of treaties, declarations of war, and appointment and dismissal of government officials. Neither Archon eponymos can be removed, expelled, or dismissed under any circumstances. In the event that an Archon eponymos is not available when a time-sensitive decision needs to be made, the other Archon eponymos may speak for both of them, although this should be done only when absolutely necessary. An Archon eponymos serves for life or until resignation. If one Archon eponymos resigns from a Diarchy, the position of Archon eponymos shall become a Monarchy until such time as the Monarch should choose to expand it. In the event that the position becomes completely vacant, the late Archon eponymos's Regent succeeds him. The office of Regent may be freely designated at any time by an Archon eponymos. Only one individual can hold this office at a time per Archon eponymos. In the event of a Diarchy becoming a Monarchy, the Regent of the departed Archon eponymos does not ascend, and is no longer a Regent.

B. The Archon basileus

The Archon basileus serves as the second in command of Athens. He is primarily responsible for focusing on improving and maintaining the strategic political position of Athens by direct diplomatic action. He also serves as an overarching head of the externally focused boulai (departments) of Athens. He is responsible for communicating the projects and performance of the boulai under his oversight to the Diarchy. He is also responsible for participating in high level foreign affairs discussions and helping to resolve diplomatic crises when needed.

C. The Polemarch

The Polemarch serves as an overarching head of the internally focused boulai (departments) of Athens. He is responsible for preparing reports for the Council of Archons on the performance of the boulai under his jurisdiction, for suggesting changes and improvements to the department heads, and for ensuring that all of the internally focused boulai work smoothly together.

D. Archons

Archons serve as strategic policymaking advisors of the highest level. They have full internal access to all content within the alliance. They are not government officials, and thus may not make statements or announcements for Athens, but rather they are members of the highest rank.

Article III

The Boulai

The will of the Diarchy and the running of day to day affairs of Athens is carried out by the Boulai (departments) of Athens.

The Boule of War

The Boule of War is responsible for organization and warfighting during wartime, and for readiness and preparation during peacetime. It is headed by a Strategos, who oversees the entire department. A Demistrategos serves as his lieutenant. Athens is divided into five phalanxes (divisions) by Nation Strength for the purpose of military organization. Each of these phalanxes is commanded by a Lochagos, and each Lochagos has a Decadarchos as phalanx lieutenant. A Taxiarch is in charge of directing and organizing special operations.

The Boule of Foreign Affairs

The Boule of Foreign Affairs is tasked with maintaining healthy day to day foreign relations with other states. This Boule is led by a Theorodokos, whose responsibilities include negotiating reparations, organizing embassies, and appointing his lieutenants, the Demitheorodokoi and his ambassadors, the Theoroi. The assent of the Theorodokos is also required in order for any treaty to be signed, although he cannot sign them without the approval of the Diarchy.

The Boule of Economic Affairs

The Boule of Economic Affairs is charged with ensuring the economic prosperity of Athens via the organization of trade circles, tech deals, donation deals, and nation building programs. It is also responsible for running the Bank of Athens. It is led by three Agoranomoi, one of whom focuses on the acquisition of technology, one on the development of trade, and one on running the Bank. They are assisted in their labors by their lieutenants, the Demiagoranomoi.

The Boule of Internal Affairs

The Boule of Internal Affairs deals with membership, technical, and security issues. It is led by two Dikasts. The first Dikast is responsible for maintaining the membership roster and a secure environment, while also encouraging and contributing to technical progress. The second Dikast is responsible for acting as a judge to settle membership disputes and to maintain a relatively peaceful environment within the community. They are assisted in these matters by their lieutenants, the Demidikasts.

The Boule of Education

The Boule of Education deals with the training, education, testing, and mentorship of all members. It is also responsible for commissioning the writing of all nonmilitary guides. It is led by a Didact, who has a Demididact as lieutenant. The Didact and Demididact oversee Mentors and Sponsors, who train newer or more inexperienced members in combat and nationbuilding, respectively.

The Boule of Immigration

The Boule of Immigration is responsible for guiding, planning and ensuring the continued growth of Athens by spearheading and managing Athens' recruitment efforts. It is led by a Hierophant, who has a Demihierophant as his lieutenant. The Hierophant and Demihierophant oversee the recruiting staff of Athens.

The Boule of Media and Propaganda

The Boule of Media and Propaganda has the responsibility of spearheading and managing the media and propaganda efforts of Athens, both during peace and wartime. It is led by a Choregos, with a Demichoregos as lieutenant. The Choregos and Demichoregos oversee Artists and Journalists. The Boule is involved in the creation of all types of media, such as videos, signatures, pips, insignia, medals, and visual propaganda. It is also tasked with the operation of the Argoa Bulletins, which is the weekly newspaper of Athens.

Article IV

Alliance Membership

Basic Membership Responsibilities

Members of Athens must recognize that membership is a privilege, not a right. All members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity when communicating with any members of another alliance. All members are expected to be loyal, especially during times of war. Nations surrendering without military approval or deserting during times of war are guilty of treason and may be subject to further action. Members who wish to leave during peace time and remain in good standing with Athens will be required to inform the alliance of their decision prior to leaving. Members are expected to stay active in game and to comply with lawful alliance orders.

Speech Guidelines

Athens members possess a general right to free speech. However, discretion must be exercised in what we choose to say or do, especially when speaking in public fora or to members of other alliances. Respect must always be shown to those who respect us. Gross disregard for this basic principle of civility may be met with any action deemed necessary by the government.


Any nation may apply for admission to Athens. The Athenian government reserves the right to deny admission to an applicant for any reason.

Membership Levels


This is the new member rank. Metics have no Sponsor or Mentor. Metics are in a "trial" phase to determine their activity level. When deemed to have sufficient activity, the Metic will be promoted to Ephebos and assigned a Sponsor and Mentor for nationbuilding advice and combat training, respectively.


This is the trainee rank. An Ephebos graduates to become a Citizen when his Sponsor and Mentor agree that he has been adequately trained and has the necessary skills to succeed as a full fledged member of the alliance.


Citizen is the base member rank. It entitles those who hold it to voting rights on such matters as are put to the citizenry, free and open discussion, and full participation as members of the alliance.


Any member may be considered for elevation to the rank of Bouleutes. The assembled Boulai of Athens (the Aeropagus) will vote on his admission into their ranks, with a 2/3 majority of those voting being required for acceptance. Voting shall remain open for 48 hours. The successful candidate should have at least a moderate level of activity on IRC or the Athens forums, as well as a good understanding of CN politcs, gameplay mechanics, and internal alliance workings. The rank is primarily intended both for worthy non-government members within the alliance and for retired members of government who still wish to contribute to the alliance in some capacity. For purposes of information access and voting on signing new treaties, it can be considered equivalent rank to that of any department head. Bouleutes may be removed from their rank only by action of the Archon eponymos.


Any member may be considered for elevation to the rank of Archon. The Council of Archons will vote on his admission into their ranks, with a 100% majority of those voting being required for acceptance. The successful candidate should have a high level of activity on IRC or the Athens forums, an excellent understanding of gameplay mechanics and internal alliance workings, and at least passing diplomatic skill as well as an truly superb understanding of politics and the "big picture" in CN. This rank has full internal access to the alliance. Archons may be removed from their rank only by action of the Archon eponymos.

Article V

The Use of Force

Raiding Rules

Athens permits and approves of the practice of tech/land/money raiding within a reasonable framework of rules. Unaligned targets may be raided by any member of Athens. Raid targets with any alliance affiliation must be approved directly by a member of the military chain of command with the rank of Lochagos or higher. While team raids (2 or more Athens members attacking the same target) are permitted on the unaligned, this practice is strictly forbidden for aligned targets. Raiding aligned targets of below 10,000 NS is forbidden, as is raiding aligned targets in an alliance affiliation which has greater than 10 members, or a protectorate, or is an "alliance applicant" affiliation. Forms of attack other than ground attacks and spy operations are NOT to be used unless your target uses them first. Peace offers are to be sent immediately following two ground attacks. If a nation has not become active by the update, it is acceptable to make two more attacks, providing that a new peace offer is sent thereafter. Nations which nuke you while you are raiding them are not considered rogue, and will not be pursued beyond the duration of the war or made targets for sanctions because of their choice to nuke. Any violation of these rules will be dealt with as seen fit by the government.

On Nuclear Weapons

Athens believes that the possession of nuclear weapons is vital to the defense and existence of the alliance. All member nations are highly encouraged to acquire nuclear weapons as soon as their economies are capable of supporting them. Direct authorization from the Archon eponymos is required to authorize their first-strike use. No authorization is required to use nuclear weapons on a target that has attacked you with them.

Article VI

Charter Amendments

Amendments to most parts of this document may be made only by the a referendum of the citizens of Athens coupled with the assent of the Archon eponymos. The sections having to do with government (with the exception of the Archon eponymos entry) may be changed at will by the Archon eponymos, as he has the power to create and destroy government positions. All citizens will be messaged once in game and have one week's time to cast their vote. After this time period elapses, if greater than two thirds of the voting citizens have voted in favor of this change, it will alter the charter accordingly, provided that the Archon eponymos consents to said alteration.

From this moment onwards The Dark Evolution and Athens are one. The AA of The Dark Evolution remains under protection for an unspecified period of time. Treaties, new flag and all kinds of things will be handled in their due time.


Max Beck, Archon eponymos

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

Angryraccoon, Polemarch

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We hate Old Guard? Why does nobody tell me these things? I'M A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!

Athens has no problems with Old Guard.

*waves hand*

you do have problems with Old Guard

*waves hand*

you did know about these problems

*waves hand*

you will DoW now

*waves hand*

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We hate Old Guard? Why does nobody tell me these things? I'M A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!

Athens has no problems with Old Guard.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that Athens dislikes us, I just got done reading one of the cancellations on us where I saw a o/ from an Athens guy for dropping us. I was a little sad. I'm sorry and I shouldn't have said anything.

Be merry on this fantastic day.

P.S. /me waits for the Athens DoW. Ronin folk know everything always.

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