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  1. haha you got me too, anyways congrats guys Ill always love you MCXA and loss you take care too don't be too rowdy to the mxcaers XD
  2. haha you got me too, anyways congrats guys Ill always love you MCXA and loss you take care too don't be too rowdy to the mxcaers XD
  3. ive decided on rnr but thanks for all the sugestions. and they already let me in :D
  4. derp i forgot u are rey.... why the heck are u tellign me to join a diffrent allianc eu told me to join urs b4
  5. lmao i knew id get a responce from LPH soon, bu I thought it would be rey not u
  6. who the heck said I hated you haha... Let me make my decision before you get all paranoid.
  7. Helo I am in a place where I need to find another alliance here's what I'm looking for an alliance that is active with funny and/or interesting people who like interestign conversations an alliance that can take it easy and goof around at stuff an alliance that can help me build my nation effectivley and give me good techdeals So I ask anyone to tell me why their alliance is awesome to join, Im open to sugestions, and if you know me and want me to be with you then especially comment :D thanks. p.s. Pleas keep comments good hearted I'm trying to get help.
  8. Im verry sorry to inform all of you beautiful people but i have uncoverd soem spy ops and to my supprise I found out the one who goes bt the name as Rey The Great on irc and the person who goes by the name of Rotavelle they have planned to destroy cn by becomming a romantic couple this saddens me that they think their unique energy and sick fetishes of rainbowy discustingness can make cn end just liek that well im here to tell you my friends that that is simply not true look at how long we have been surviving look at how jack diorno mogar and emily never touched the stablity of our strength so coem with me my friends and let me know will you stand for this tretury NO YOU WONT will you sit there and do nothing NO YOU WONT will you let them abuse you with their innosent lookign eyes of terror NO YOU WONT Please by all means message them everywhere u can and tell them how much of a threat they are and help me keep cybernations alive and a great place to be aprt of THANK YOU MY FRIENDS <3 much peace and love
  9. I also known as green muffins have come to apoligis on the behalf of a fellow that goes by the name as REYTHEGREAT even though we have had are ins and outs i went far today and decided to ooc him in the #NSO channel infront of the people and im sorry that i had metioned you mother in an disrespectfull manner rey you ahve my deepest apology and humility may we find some kind of agreement in the future to come keep on rocking sincerly GM
  10. "The reasons why are none of your business." sounds like yuurei is the one being bitter here, although who couldn't be bitter over the way yuurei does buisness. He got the consequense that was dealt with the blood of his own hand. I will give kudos to you for you practally being your alliance, like Trent Reznor is to Nine Inch Nails.
  11. hmmm yeah you guys should just cancel all ur treties then become neutral its seriously the way to go
  12. yay jrkee fa agin hugggggggg........also where is alkicker and supercheese get them on here to talk to me
  13. wtf cng alliances tretied to tpf....its a sad sad day
  14. Hi my nation green muffins was deleted because I hadn't been playing the game due to real life. Anyways, I made a new nation ChesterStevensDevonn is the new name. Im wondering if i can still use this account on these forums, and get my username changed to ChesterStevensDevonn.
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