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  1. Stars = Being on multiple parts of the war web
  2. Pretty chart is going to get ugly soon .... All these cross over wars. Again great job Roxas!! I know I appreciate the chart and updates and look at it everyday.
  3. OK sure... EQ's ruthless oppressive aggression against the innocent. (guess sarcasm and RP is lost on some)
  4. also ... thank you for doing this. Its great to have a chart showing the ruthless EQ aggression against the innocent.
  5. NG need to be moved. They attacked TTK in defence of TLR. So they should be moved one level to the left.
  6. Your also missing CCC's non-declaration against ODN INT and now TLR. (edit)Sorry they declared in the mass DOW between Sparta and TTK. (edit) So they need to be added also http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/114926-just-an-ordinary-dow/
  7. Whooohoo our new flag is all ready in game!
  8. [quote name='ty345' timestamp='1311814500' post='2765674'] And here I was expecting to DoW them [/quote] Nothing is stopping you. We have met the threshold yet we sit on the precipice. Just need to hold on to the 200 member count we have until the countdown is met.
  9. We have all ready made our offering of chicken dinners and ribs. Our pip will come quick
  10. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1309744907' post='2748027'] Nah, I've been saving stats and will post the last couple of days tomorrow. [/quote] I know you can do it Gopher you are the Sanction race hero. In the past many people jumped at the chance to do it. If needed TLR could make sure its done. Didn't think that it would be needed that's all.
  11. boo for the half complete sanction race posting. Are we out of people that can actually do the whole job?
  12. Just merge into us then the debate will be over. We will let you use TLR or tLR if you wish.
  13. Best of luck to NATO!! Need to go double check my trade circle
  14. Null vote as Jack will always be an Athenian at heart. He may go where ever he wants when his wanderlust prevails. But he will always be home in Athens.
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