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Today TBBAF (The Big Bad And Friends) formed. We have one member so far. And in about 10 days that nation will be gone and so will TTBAF.

However until that point arrives TBBAF has declared war on VE. Why VE you ask? Well knowing they have been planning and plotting this war for half a year now, I figured VE would be completely unprepared and as per usual have no idea what they were doing. Now when you look at the group of alliances attacking NPO that says alot. Thats one big mass of screwed up alliances and in it VE stood out. So thats our CB. For as always being unprepared for war VE wins our attacks.

So your thinking, hey wait Mr. Bad you gave all you tech and money away. Yeah I did. So you would think the 3 VE nations I attacked would have made short work of me. Instead one is in anarchy and the others gave me enough tech and money to buy some CMs. Thanks guys.

VE you might want to tell your people when you go to war. Have them change DEFCONs, buy some fighters to escort those bombers, buy spies and you know buy some tanks. To late for warchest I guess.

Also this is the last broadcast from TBBAF and The Big Bad. VE I will be happy to CM your nations until I delete. And no you can not surrender to me as a nation or an alliance. Later ladies.

The Big Bad

God King of TBBAF

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