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  1. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1323912205' post='2878203'] Did VE approve this? [/quote] We did as a matter of fact. We wanted to fight some more people.
  2. [quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1310790086' post='2757058'] To be honest, I only ever dealt with you one time, but you were exceedingly courteous, and it was a pleasant experience. I wish you nothing but the best. [/quote] I remember that time. It was good working with ya. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1310792672' post='2757096'] noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont leave us felix, i always had a soft spot for all the Elysium members, we'll keep the light on if you ever decide to come back. [/quote] While I wish that merge never happened, I will admit I met some cool people and had
  3. Well, I've been meaning to make this post for awhile now. I haven't been really forum active in months, and I'm thinking most people can guess the culprit. The last few months, I've been occupied with graduating college, moving to a new state, starting a new job, and getting engaged. I haven't had a lot of time or energy for CN, and I don't really see that changing anytime soon (if ever). I realize that 99% of the people who read this will care less, but I'm posting this for the few people out there I've lost touch with. Deathcat: It should be obvious why he's the first on my list. If
  4. [quote name='itseZe' timestamp='1303595090' post='2697997'] No, that's not necessarily true. A dissident member/spy is someone who had been in the alliance as a normal member and then leaks something he doesn't like. A regular spy is someone sent for the sole purpose of spying. Their spy joined during the war, he posted that he wants an apology from CoJ and at the same time sent his spied intel to CoJ. That's just old fashioned spying, nothing else. [/quote] You must not have been around too long. A lot of alliances attacked for spying have done so based on a CB provided by a "disside
  5. [quote name='itseZe' timestamp='1303590054' post='2697939'] "dissident members"? So that's what someone sent over in the middle of a war to spy is called these days. I remember when they used to be called... spies. And we'll make sure to supply many more (orange) "juicy stories", afterall we aim to please. [/quote] One alliances' dissident member is another alliances' spy. It has pretty much always been that way.
  6. [quote name='King Death II' timestamp='1303335639' post='2694881'] What is this I dont even... You guys are bailing on AcTi because some of your allies ex-members made an alliance and decided to raid AcTi? Way to be there for AcTi when they needed you most [/quote] Holy !@#$, you could not be more wrong. Seriously, wow...
  7. It does appear a FA consolidation is afoot. Interesting. I am certainly curious where this will take you guys.
  8. What draconian tech deals! New hegemony indeed!
  9. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1302478616' post='2688084'] I mean better communities. Obviously, we don't have as much tech or infra or upper-tier nations that they have. I mean the quality of who we are, not who's going to be extorting cash from who. And I don't just mean 'our side.' There are better alliances across the spectrum. RIA is better, RoK is better, even FAN is better (FAN actually is just about as great as you can be in this regard). I just don't have respect for weak alliances who disband at the first sign of trouble. They're even worse than those who jump ship (
  10. Congrats to everyone who was (re)elected, especially Timberland.
  11. I always find the differences in each sides' story fascinating. It is still disappointing to lose an ally, but I wish only the best for RIA. See y'all later.
  12. I look forward to This Week in Virida. I want to know how the small things, like banking and tech deals, are going in the alliance.
  13. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1302275481' post='2686817'] Wow, I can't teach the blind to see... I'm not a miracle worker. But seriously? Goldie stating they complained a lot, and then saying VE had RIA's back in SF, but didn't think RIA supported VE... I would say that would be a criticism and question of loyalty, respectively. And I fail to see how, under any circumstance, impero saying RIA didn't talk to VE at all is anything short of a pot-shot at their diplomatic tact. Come on now, you had to be joking. And now, I vanish from this thread. [/quote] Its okay, I can't teac
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