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  1. I REQUIRE PIX OF GUTS when you can use the cam!
  2. Shout out to maggie and LoSS! Happy?
  3. First off, grammar is not my strong suit so bare with me. Anyways, I wanted to comment on my views of the war and let you know a little more about The Dark Templar. I'm not going to get into politics, so if that's what you're looking for please leave now. This war has been one of my favorite moments in Cybernations so far in my 4 1/2 years playing. I personally play this game because of the community I'm in (Dark Templar) I would go to ZI and back for all of my alliance mates, and I know they would do the same for me. This is how we DT started. A good chunk of DT first met at Oasis, then moved on to SOUL, where we met a lot of our current members in various BLEU alliances. At SOUL, we decided to merge with TPC and form SOLID. We didn't know it at the time, but that was a huge mistake. Supa, Deathsmile, PuLsE, and myself decided to split off and form our own alliance based on our own beliefs. We wanted a tight-knit brotherhood of members who had the same goals.(DT) We started off small, and slowly gained members. One of the best members we gained was Myworld, who helped us step-up our finance and economics with his knowledge of nation building. (I want to give a big shoutout to PC for helping us in the early days. Regardless of our situation now, I still have great respect for their alliance as they are very similar to us from a military POV) Anyways, we got bigger and focused our attention on military. We decided to start saving big warchests so we could fight long, drawn out wars. One of our goal is to one day have every member with a WRC, MP, HNMS, SDI, etc. Lastly, we started purchasing as much tech as we can. We knew that if we ever got dogpiled, we would deal out more damage than we would take. A lot of our nations are older with a lot of wonders, so we know rebuilding will be easy for us. We also have great allies who we know will send aid to our smaller nations as well. We aren't afraid of war. We welcome the casualties. Who doesn't love casualties?! Anyways, I want to give a few personal shoutouts to some alliances. Nordreich - Awesome allies. Thor, Eisen, Zepp, pd73, etc. You are the best allies you could ever ask for Nueva Vida - We have been allies since the BLEU days. You guys are an awesome bunch as well. Symphony - We haven't been allied that long, but I know we would go to ZI and back for you and you would do the same. You guys have an awesome community over there. Valhalla - boobs, boobs, boobs, and more boobs. You guys are hilarious and I'm glad we got closer after we fought each other. More people should get to know you guys, they'd be surprised how cool you really are. Anddddddddd that's about it. Have fun in your wars, and enjoy gaining your casualties!
  4. We optionally came in against Legacy, not you. You declared war on us. Now, on to my next point. Your treaty with Legacy has a non-chaining clause. So, you came in on an OPTIONAL treaty that you did not have to honor. Way to be hypocritical here, goose.
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