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  1. Lol kerschbs. Where is the love? TSK is in fine hands. O/David
  2. Congratulations on this milestone. I am happy for you guys.
  3. I am very pleased, and look forward to a very long relationship with our new friends in Umbrella. o/ Umb o/ TSK
  4. I am glad to finally see this happen. Nordreich is in great hands with one exception. If you could do me a bit of a favor and suffocate PuliSher in his sleep with a pillow? :ehm:
  5. Thank you all for the kind wishes, those of you that made them. I updated it to include a link to our Kingdom informations.
  6. Congratulations to my allies in DT. Splendid move.
  7. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.
  8. On August 5th 2011 Roland, Mila Amo, AlmightyHero and Akotash came together and formed House Baratheon. It was an alliance founded on integrity, honor and freedom. The alliance was meant to be a place where old players could go to and relax in mild retirement. HB outgrew the micro numbers and became a medium size alliance. The old leaders are mostly gone now and a new group of leaders have taken the reigns and intend to keep on growing in size and strength. In order to accomplish this changes need to be made. So it is with great pride and optimism that I announce the establishment of The Seven
  9. Congratulations to our beloved Allies in this monumental moment in their storied alliance history. I look forward to seeing more milestones such as this.
  10. Excuse the bluntness, but I have no time for pomp and circumstances so this will be short and sweet. House Baratheon declares war on R&R in support of MI6 military efforts via our MDoAP. Signed: King: Kesselring Hand of King: David Stillicho Hand of King: Tywin Lannister Master of Arms: Metalbot Master of Laws: Stucifer Master of Whispers: Torchwood Master of Coin: Prince Oberyn Grand Maester: LandR
  11. Great seeing two alliances I like coming together. Good move by both. o/ NPL o/ MI6
  12. Mixed feelings on this. CSN was my first alliance, was brought to the game by Gino when he founded CSN. However the alliance had taken a nasty turn for the worst. Better it die than to further embarrass it's memory.
  13. Notice of Protection Preamble: In the bond of friendship, as well as the interest of protection and guidance into planet Bob, the alliances of House Baratheon and the LAW enter into this agreement of protection. Article I - Sovereignty: House Baratheon and the LAW recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances, each entitled to handle their own affairs accordingly. Article II - Respect: The alliances shall strive to hold each other in the utmost respect and good faith. If an altercation arises between the alliances, they agree to exhaust the proper diplomatic channels and shall
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