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  1. I believe so. I just use the picture thread located in "Water Cooler," many in CN post their pictures there.

  2. Is the "Gallery" feature somewhere you can post pictures?

  3. start...talking...to...me... >_

  4. Which do you think was better? Eg and I are arguing over this.
  5. Ejayrazz

    4 years man....

    welcome to the "What the hell am I doing" club.
  6. It was not awkward. It was from the heart.

  7. People need to ask themselves: Is killing someone acceptable if it is saving an innocent's life? We have people in the military killing people over stupid wars, aren't they just as guilty as someone killing heinous criminals? I would be able to sleep soundly at night knowing someone is eliminating evil.
  8. I should have added that these criminals will never reform. Sort of like the perfect storm coming together. Though I agree with what has been stated, I am not sure what I would do. Imagine if your baby daughter was murdered right after turning the serial killer in and he looks at you and says, "It was Enrigue Shavez...He was next on my list. A known rapist and murdered the Johnson family." No one is above the law I do agree, but the law has a lot of legality loop holes which makes the non-system extremely delicate.
  9. This isn't meant ot be the easiest question, so you only have two options. No semantic arguing, just answer it. Theoretically speaking, lets pretend a serial killer is on the loose. We found 130 of his victims under the ocean, butchered in body bags. Each one of his victims are killers and other severely heinous criminals. Most of these criminals were never convicted merely because of legal loop holes (ex: Finding sperm linking the killer to the victim, but improperly seized, thus the case dismissed). Now, theoretically lets pretend this serial killer goes around killing these heinous killers and he is never wrong - meaning exactly just that, his victims are indeed definitive killers the law itself is unable to handle and he stresses the art of unreasonable doubt before choosing his victim. He has never taken the life of an innocent nor will he ever, so in essence, he will never theoretically become a problem with the innocent. Imagine Dexter or Boondock Saints, in theory. Lets pretend this is all 100%. You found this person and discovered his actions. Would you turn him in to the authorities or let him take out the garbage?
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