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  1. Ejayrazz

    Do you want MoG[News] to return?

    [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1320380280' post='2838217'] go away. [/quote] not my fault you have terrible taste. you must be a joy at the bar.
  2. Ejayrazz

    Do you want MoG[News] to return?

    rock band sucks
  3. Ejayrazz

    Do you want MoG[News] to return?

    EA sucks.
  4. Ejayrazz

    Do you want MoG[News] to return?

    I love when people !@#$%* about amsgs. <3 !@#$@#$ game filled with crybabies. come at me bro.
  5. Ejayrazz

    A Pact Written in Blood

    In blood, yet non-chaining? Like all other treaties, good luck.
  6. Ejayrazz

    CN Battlefield 3 Tournament

    game sucks
  7. Ejayrazz

    My Good Bye!

    peace man
  8. Ejayrazz

    Citizens United

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1318559633' post='2824436'] I really love OWF, people from GATO, NSO and others alliances were whining because we weren't helping Legion, then we help Legion and what they do? They whine because we're helping Legion... [/quote] this just won the entire discussion.
  9. Ejayrazz

    The NukeKastel Fund

    once you start explaining yourself is when you start losing.
  10. Ejayrazz

    How would the game be different if...

    guy aint got !@#$ on me
  11. Ejayrazz

    An Offer To Legion (For Great Justice!)

    I knew his name was so fricken familiar. Okay, I support this cause I am biased towards people I like. Ya, I admit it.
  12. Ejayrazz

    An Offer To Legion (For Great Justice!)

    cant remember if i got along with ron, so im editing this till i remember
  13. Ejayrazz

    Sup, Legion?

    [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1317666247' post='2814707'] Coz everyone's crying here mang. [/quote] absolutely brah.
  14. Ejayrazz

    Sup, Legion?

    So Legion trash talks like everyone else? Get the $%&@ over it. No idea how CN turned into such a crying atrocity.
  15. apologies over this spectrum are always retarded.