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  1. Wait... how does this make any sense? "4. Township has a noise ordinance. Stay in PM and don't go shooting up stuff." Followed by... "Protection Announcement will be made as soon as we can get someone drunk enough to make one." Do you need to be protected if you're peacemodin' anyway? I don't follow this logic.
  2. I for one look forward to the hiccups update. And the impending "This is what we had for dinner" story. Maybe a Pinterest link or two?
  3. I'm normally a huge troll and can usually find the light in any situation. This isn't one of those situations. I was lucky enough to talk to Jack just last week in a skype call. He sounded in good spirits despite this impending surgery. At least I'll have that as a lasting memory. He was very good people. I'm just stunned by this.
  4. Congrats and all that. If you need anything, just PM me.
  5. Tremendous. +1 for Rush. I didn't know you had this kind of lulz in you.
  6. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1336000352' post='2962465'] Also, Ron..what the hell did you do here? I thought you promised to cancel ALL treaties not sign one and cancel one [/quote] I never said ALL treaties... but I think we broke even on this one.
  7. Five for the price of ONE?! There's got to be a catch in there! This deal sounds too good to be true!@# And if you act now, you get this state of the art set of steak knives!
  8. You guys erected Randomly Jim back into gov? I guess some people never learn. Congrats to Atantar though. He's good people.
  9. [quote name='green muffins' timestamp='1335234275' post='2958214'] pansy i thought we were friends [/quote] And I very much believe you are... I also very much believe you have a collection of Planet Bob personalities all dressed up as little potato people and you play out your little spud fantasies where everyone is your friend. And the second those potato people double-cross you or your alliance-du-jour, you go on a rampage and turn them into french fries. My question is... when does the YouTube video come out? The people of Rontopia are dying to watch.
  10. I suppose congratulations go around to NPO, TLR, and Roquentin. Congrats, you crazy kids!
  11. One day, alliances are going to run out of themes for treaties. One day.
  12. You guys had the better name. TFD should have merged into you.
  13. This attention-whoring is exactly why I dislike the OWF. Whether or not you're a friend of Olympus (or so I'm told). This is ridiculous at this point. Be a grown up, take your meds*, and get some fresh air. And shame on whatever alliance you're in for letting you continue this ridiculous display. Granted, they may not be able to put a muzzle on you... but the fact they still want to be associated with you is baffling. *Note: This isn't an ooc attack. I don't know anything about you or if you are even medicated. My opinions are based on what I've witnessed on the OWF and having listened
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