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A Report From the Imperial Clerk of the New Pacific Order

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A Report From the Imperial Clerk of the New Pacific Order

Regarding the Rebel Alliance

Delivered on Friday, this 17th Day of April, in the 2009th Year of Our Lord before the Assembled BODY REPUBLIC Five Years, Seven Months and 17 days after the Day of Order.


My Emperor, Fellow Imperial Officers, Councilors, and Members of the Body Republic:

As many of you know, the 2nd Triannual Report of the 5th Year of Order will be released on May 1, 2009 and the Office of the Imperial Clerk is thanking all Departments of the Order for their assistance in helping this humble servant of the Emperor fulfill his duties.

However, this Office is also responsible for more than measuring the progress of the Order; it also commissions reports on various topics of interest to the Order and the Imperial Court. As a service to the Body Republic and the Cyberverse at large, the Office of the Imperial Clerk is releasing a report on the progress of those who seeks to bring chaos to our beloved Order. The results of their eight months of struggle can be viewed in the link below:

The Clerk dedicates this report to his dearest son, Kaiser Doitzel. I am proud that you were able to get some executive experience in a dynamically changing environment.

I pray that the blessing of Almighty Admin may rest upon your counsels.

Sir Paul

Imperial Clerk

New Pacific Order

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