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  1. Be stubborn and don't lose your sense of humor. When the chemo is destroying your body, P.G. Wodehouse books will be your best friend (if you're too sick to read, try to get someone to read it to you -- laughter is infectious). There is beauty and wonder in this world literally everywhere, don't ever forget it. Fight hard and stay defiant, my friend.
  2. Oh, it's no great surprise -- and no great loss -- that Hakai doesn't miss me. After all, my compatriots and I, through sheer force of personality, crashed the party for he and his globe-trotting band of thugs. No doubt he yearns still for the days when you could punch a baby and take its candy, and the only one with the backbone to say anything was that waif Walford. I doubt, even seven years on or so, that he has yet puzzled out what exactly happened, because the whole affair was simply "tl;dr". Looking back, it almost feels as if [i]we[/i] were the bullies, waging a war of words with a bunc
  3. is it too late to nominate electron sponge for everything?
  4. Sure, different people got different things out of the game. I think most of the "rahhh the game is dead" doomsayers are probably in the drama-feeding forumgoer demographic, though.
  5. The wonderful thing about CN, and something that many people do not understand, is that you really don't need a large nation to play the game or make an impact. All you need is the charisma, the political savvy, and the will to shepherd people who do have large nations into your flock. This is also the most important reason to have a clear and established boundary between IC and OOC actions and friendships: people need to be able to get stabbed in the back without taking it IRL-personally for the game to be healthy. Likewise this is why it's important to have IC social constructs that make thi
  6. Letum? He's the chap from the cat alliance? Is Chris Kaos Regent, too? Next you'll tell me they're holding elections again. I am warning you, thick knight: I'm a thicker knight by far. And I doubt anyone misses Francoism. It was boring and tedious, lacking in both relevant substance and style. In all important matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential. I don't know. OWF participation used to be fun. It wasn't fun because of nonsense like Francoism, it was fun because it was a real-time, interactive episode of Jerry Springer. If it comes to the point where your stance is "I don't want
  7. The sad fact is that it happens to all divisive figures and always has (even going back to NS prior to CN). It's part of why I quit, and it's also why I never gave out Facebook, phone, Skype, full name, even e-mail in most cases. You have to be almost paranoid to protect yourself, and of course it can come at the cost of friendships ("don't you trust me?"). It's a tough balance to strike, and it becomes ever more difficult to keep the two realms separate as the years come. The safest thing to do is just assume that everybody you meet online is a whacko that's one provocation away from turning
  8. I hear you all calling my name, like a Ricola commercial. Who's NPO's Emperor? I haven't stabbed any backs in so long.
  9. Being impoverished and especially unemployed is emotionally and mentally exhausting. A lot of times people just don't have the mental fortitude to do anything but wear their resentment on their sleeves. I disagree that it is arrogant and/or selfish. That's really just a blame-the-victim mentality disguised as self-righteous wisdom, like a David Brooks column. It's not just the direct stressors of a dead-end, low-wage job that create this effect. It's not the rude customers or the horrible boss. It's the constant pressure that comes with insufficient employment or wages. They're not really ang
  10. I feel like I should post in this thread to make you all uncomfortably aware of how tiny your seriousness is. Perspective is important.
  11. I feel fortunate that a bout of insomnia and writer's block have happened me upon this. I read far too much about the callousness and cruelty of people towards those whom life has dealt a bad hand. It's always wonderful to hear the story told differently.
  12. Even if I said something other than "we'll see", you'd be foolish to accept any answer I gave to that question. As jerdge noted, I'm displaying a pattern here.
  13. Why the face, brother? You needn't pretend. I know, I understand. Life is a fretful exertion, fraught with apprehension in the absence of my demulcent [i]sang froid[/i]. Do not guard yourself against the creeping joy you feel; surrender to it. Savour it.
  14. Well if it's perfection you're after, you're certainly looking in the right place. :ehm:
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