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  1. Im surprised this game even still exists just over a decade since the karma war and I dont think admin cared then, I remember him saying back then he didnt think nor did he intend to even last this long. I saw PnW is still being updated which is what started me on this tour down memory lane, if anything is worth a punt surely it would be getting that game to change the devs seem open idea ect although I remember just not being a big fan in the past. Or maybe admin will finally sell CN , still same guy I presume ?
  2. No you don't understand communism. We believe in a classes stateless society there would be no state so no real government
  3. [quote name='Facade' timestamp='1333043618' post='2945086'] Sanctioned alliances should begin fighting until only 1 is left. One pip to rule them all etc. [/quote] All I got from this is roll GPA
  4. Amazing how far polar is going to have to fall to lose sanction. GOONS for sanction before the war ends [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/smug.gif[/img]
  5. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1320961741' post='2842871'] Just as an update: My life has been sidetracked by a little thing called "Europa Universalis". It's quite possible that some of you tech-hoarders out there have heard of it. I've still got stats collected, but posting them has not been high on the priority list. I'm sure those of you who know what I'm talking about will understand. [/quote] I request you report to the appropriate [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=93346"]water cooler thread[/url] and up date us on your progress
  6. [quote name='Baltus' timestamp='1311955297' post='2766991'] I wonder if TLR will get their pip before NG. :v [/quote] Admin if your reading this do that just for the craic
  7. [quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1311048757' post='2758958'] My point was that we were willing to put all of that behind us. We tried to meet INT and others half-way. But it was never good enough for them. Having taken part in a witch-hunt wasn't enough to satisfy their bruised feelings. No, we were supposed to walk around in hair shirts, never raising our heads out of shame for all we've done. Well to hell with that. Nothing NoR/NoV did to INT, ICP, LSF, TGE or any other alliance comes even close to the war of extermination that was launched and that succeeded in driving so many p
  8. [quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1311046081' post='2758937'] [b]And what exactly did NoR/NoV do to TGE that TGE "remembers what we did to them"? Except for the war of extermination you and your pals launched against NoV -- which, by the way, [u]we[/u] have not forgotten -- [/b]NoV did nothing except call them out as frauds and whimpering nitwits; something they showed themselves to be time and time again. NoR 2.0 showed nothing but extreme patience in dealing with their ongoing foolishness and attempts to interfere in our internal affairs or their efforts in support of spying agains
  9. Wouldn't the MEP make a PIAT kind of redundant or is the MEP still going
  10. [quote name='Comrade Craig' timestamp='1311011183' post='2758509'] Those who have lived under the boot of the (what is this now? Second? [b]Third[/b]?) Reich [/quote] So this NoR is the third Reich [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif[/img] I am ashamed in myself for not thinking of that sooner. So many lost opportunities for nazi jokes there
  11. [quote name='wes the wise' timestamp='1310869245' post='2757497'] SO, if I were to attempt to recruit members of say, MK, via means of IRC, in game PM, or forum PM, MK would not care? [/quote] Nope.
  12. [quote name='wes the wise' timestamp='1310868715' post='2757485'] So you guys think its ok to message other alliance's membership and ask them to join your own? I can understand your point, but you don't find poaching the least bit dishonorable? [/quote] This is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. IF your member are easily poached by such a message to poacher would be doing the alliance a favor
  13. TGE will never die Well it will but will be reborn in a few minutes
  14. Start spying nukes away [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/awesome.gif[/img]
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