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  1. Im surprised this game even still exists just over a decade since the karma war and I dont think admin cared then, I remember him saying back then he didnt think nor did he intend to even last this long. I saw PnW is still being updated which is what started me on this tour down memory lane, if anything is worth a punt surely it would be getting that game to change the devs seem open idea ect although I remember just not being a big fan in the past. Or maybe admin will finally sell CN , still same guy I presume ?
  2. No you don't understand communism. We believe in a classes stateless society there would be no state so no real government
  3. steodonn


    The Grämlins thing was the worst Not being in the channel but being a bit in the loop was scary at times casue you got told stuff just after it happened with some not very well taught out speculation added in. First time I was told about the Grämlins thing it was Grämlins want out and Citadel will go in with Q. Seeming as before I heard this I taught at worst Citadel would just sit out but probably be on our side safe to say I was !@#$ting it for awhile Or the wait to see if TOP and MHA would hurry the f up and get out of Q before the NPO kicked off the war Would love to hear something l
  4. My school still uses floppy disks
  5. steodonn

    Classified Ad

    I wish I had the one form my old nation Its a great sight to wake up and you have 14 messages in your inbox about your SDI destroying nukes
  6. Pm is a valuable tool to rebuild nukes and collect taxs Better to collect in PM than Nuke Anarchy
  7. There are blogs when did this happen and why wasn't I told. Well cause I need some stuff to talk about lets pull a few events form CN The most notable thing to happen was the forum restructure. To summarise my how I feel Open World RP= Good Open national RP = Bad Sports RP really needs its own section and the amount of new RPs all in one forum makes them impossible to follow. I some how missed a nuclear apocalypse but Snape is up to something so hopefully things will get better Now the TPF-KM-Zenith-GOD and now RoK drama. Definitely interesting but kiddies I really dout it will bring
  8. I shall spam back for great justice

  9. im spamming ur comment vox

  10. Hi. This is cool. Hail IPA

  11. IPA says hi to ambassador steodonn, hail!

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