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Athens Announcement

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An Athens Announcement

From this day forward, Athens hereby ceases the practice of EZI, or attacking a player after he/she rerolls for actions committed by a previous character. Any benefit that might be afforded by the proper application of this practice is not worth the pain and suffering (and loss of nations from the game) inflicted by its misuse. I decided recently to put this question to a vote in my alliance, and it was overwhelmingly opposed, with 78% of voters being against the practice.

Some of you may remember that we withdrew our signatures from the ZI Peace Pact around 6 months ago. I would now like to re-add them. We won't be removing them again. We do not want to be associated with the monstrous abuses that are perpetuated by many alliances that practice EZI, nor do we wish to be guilty of committing them ourselves. It is at best a grey area which humans have proven themselves incapable of walking in with any measure of justice.

The ZI Peace Pact

Noting the recent controversies regarding the prosecution of Cyberverse citizens,

Believing that the ability to restrict access to the Cyberverse entirely should be a power left only to God (read: Admin, blessed be his name) and his choir of angels (read: Mod Squad),

Asserting that the practice of prosecution beyond the act of deletion detracts from the global community,

The undersigned alliances, henceforth referred to as "the undersigned", do hereby pledge to this treaty:

I. The undersigned agree to cease altogether the practice of Eternal ZI, defined as the act of maintaining a ZI sentence beyond the act of deletion.

II. The undersigned agree to limit all ZI sentences to a single nation, extending it to no subsequent nations or alter-egos that may arise after the act of deletion and be connected to the original.

III. The undersigned agree that actions carried forth by a person of the Cyberverse may be considered when judicating a crime committed after deletion and reformation. Alliances reserve the right to keep a close eye and a short leash on previously criminal individuals.

/s/ for Athens

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

Lonpeo, Polemarch

Dragon, Agoranomos

/b/ tard, Agoranomos

an4rk, Dikast

john jalapeno, Dikast

Medtech, Didact

Hobbies0310, Hierophant

Max Rockatansky, Demitheorodokos

Nitemarebforcrismas, Demitheorodokos

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Top Posters In This Topic

o/ Athens

I am very glad to see this policy made public, and to be able to call such an honorable alliance a friend.

Londo - you have shown great leadership and I wish you only the best in your future and in that of your alliance

EDIT: 1st (:P)

Edited by HeraclesTheGreat
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o/ Athens..Why run another player off by completely destroying their nation...good move Londo and as always you continue to gain respect from me with your wise and thought out decisions... :awesome:

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