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  1. Very nicely put. I doubt you'll see any avoidance of such tactics going forward since, ultimately, using analogies and then arguing over their validity is a great way to side-track any discussion into oblivion and thus avoid it all-together. Still, this post is definitely worth keeping around as a future reference point.
  2. This probably falls under the guise of "The forms must be obeyed". Perhaps it lends legitimacy by leaning on history. Either way, I can't disagree with the stupidity of the continued inclusion.
  3. Hey Toku, nice to see you back. We should catch up sometime, we all miss your presence over here in the Scorpion area. Hope you're doing good!

  4. What's up, buddy? Glad to see you back. I've been enjoying your posts (too busy to reply, but I've been reading them). Take care.

  5. I don't understand why there is/was a need for this to be posted. Polaris may not exactly be the most-liked alliance around, but I don't think you're going to see any other alliances taking casual potshots at them because they might have been thinking bad thoughts about stuff. It's been pretty clearly stated by several members of the Box Bloc that you guys will probably be viewed with suspicion, but beyond that exactly diddly is going to get done. On that note, I'd recommend all of Polaris start acting suspiciously. Very suspiciously.
  6. Nothing last year. A Dalek this year.
  7. ME2 is awesome. /discussion
  8. This sounds like a familiar job. Name yourself Shogun and then revel in the pagentry.
  9. I could certainly envision Cortath smugly sitting and chuckling behind the desk at the local Registry of Motor Vehicles. Thank you for furthering this mental image of him and all of its glory.
  10. I think this is something which has been forgotten - all too often the argument for reparations mimics the reasons to engage in a viking raid.
  11. The argument makes sense, except that for the in-game mechanic tech tends to represent more of a technology base than a resevoir of technical knowledge. When a nation has its tech destroyed it loses access to higher-tier devices such as stealth aircraft, not the ability to produce them once the nation rebuilds its tech back up.
  12. There's nothing redeeming in Lowell. Nothing at all. Then again, I live in Worcester.
  13. Sometime last summer? Might have been August or so, I really can't remember. I'm sure Gandroff or one of the other members of the Praetorian Guard would prove helpful if you're really interested in nailing down the date. No, my position is that what you are doing is not brave. To clarify, my position is that this is yet another cry for attention from a national ruler who needs to be in the spotlight more than have a cause to fight for and gain the spotlight for that. There seems to be no consistent rationale to your behavior beyond being inflammatory, insulting and condescending simply to get a rise out of others. The moment it looks like you're about to fade from center stage you launch into a new ridiculous arc of behavior which thrusts you back to the front. This time it's as a laughing stock but, for better or worse, you're getting the attention you desire. I'll look forward to your remarks on the conversation Alfred has alluded to planning on having with you in about two weeks. I have no constructive counter-commentary on this point. I think this pretty much sums up your stance on any attempt to have a dialogue and strengthens my point - when in doubt, call the other guy names in attempt to get a rise. Have fun with your war, Penkala.
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