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  1. It's about damn time. Forward comrades! o/ RnR Edit: Also, apparently WAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. For the Ampersand! Blood for the Blood God!
  3. It's not a bad idea, but the details would be incredibly complicated. Would you have a subsection of your alliance just for them, or would they be regular members? The political repercussions would be amazingly fun though (splinter cells, spying against everyone, sabotage, etc).
  4. Seriously. It's not because the new players are going "awwww... look at all those top tier nations. I'll never be that good. Oh well *delete*." If that were true then EVERY browser game on the internet would be dying, which they're not. The problem is the lack of people coming to the game when lots of people are leaving the game at the same time. I say we spam Reddit until the problem corrects itself
  5. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1315966796' post='2800101'] If it makes you feel better, the bloc stats take me about 2 minutes now that I've made the program for it. [/quote] Computers are awesome, aren't they? Also, gain streak for R&R
  6. That's a sight I haven't seen in a while. Congratz TPF
  7. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1311810893' post='2765648'] What's life without a little competition Looks like we have some work to do [/quote] And here I was expecting to DoW them
  8. I much preferred the days when alliances had the balls to say "we don't like you" and declare war.
  9. Still think you should've gone with the Enclave as a theme instead.
  10. Are you publishing the entirety of this? Cause I would totally buy it Edit: Better yet, get together with other people and try and form a Hitchhiker's Guide-esque book.
  11. I'VE WASTED MY CHILDHOOD HERE! D': Well, teenage years, but whatever. Onwards to 20,000.
  12. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1309181334' post='2742661'] cheaters... we would never use a merger to gain sanction.. oh wait.. [/quote] I say we throw some meatshields at them in a quick war. That should scare away some of their members
  13. ty345

    Get thee to a punnery.

    I don't get why people were so offended. I was personally laughing my ass off.
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