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  1. Seriously. It's not because the new players are going "awwww... look at all those top tier nations. I'll never be that good. Oh well *delete*." If that were true then EVERY browser game on the internet would be dying, which they're not. The problem is the lack of people coming to the game when lots of people are leaving the game at the same time. I say we spam Reddit until the problem corrects itself
  2. I much preferred the days when alliances had the balls to say "we don't like you" and declare war.
  3. Still think you should've gone with the Enclave as a theme instead.
  4. Are you publishing the entirety of this? Cause I would totally buy it Edit: Better yet, get together with other people and try and form a Hitchhiker's Guide-esque book.
  5. ty345

    Get thee to a punnery.

    I don't get why people were so offended. I was personally laughing my ass off.
  6. The bassist from KISS and his former softcore porn actress live-in baby factory. Ah. So no one I should care about then, right?
  7. ty345

    Smashed Bottles

    Attempted to copy, be ready with a lawyer, etc That sucks
  8. We're corrupt? That's a first...
  9. ty345


    Whatever happened to UE anyway?
  10. Well, we could just sit here and laugh at them while their population crashes a few decades from now or they run out of resources from overpopulation, but most people aren't generally fond of that idea.
  11. The problem in India isn't the abortions themselves, it's the fact that the women don't have any control over getting them. This raises two long term population problems: 1) their family will force them to abort daughters, who are seen as less useful than sons in large parts of India, which will end up in these massive differences in gender demographics, and 2) the women have no control over how many children they have, contributing to the massive population increase in India as death rates go down. The solution to this is educating and empowering the women to be able to make their own decisions about these things, which unfortunately means changing the culture in Northern India especially.
  12. ty345

    So, Minecraft

    Something like this in my experience: "That's a nice wooden building you got there. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to it... *pulls out torch*"
  13. ty345

    So, Minecraft

    I'm only playing the latter and it's already some trouble... contemplating this game as my own is also is not good. Videogames are evil, aren't they?
  14. ty345

    So, Minecraft

    Don't play this and EU3 at the same time. I did, and I haven't seen daylight in several weeks now D:
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