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  1. Thanks! With a twisted enough interpretation of anything you can read whatever you want into something. Does it mean you're right? Not at all.
  2. So long, Alfred. You were a fun person to talk to. Good luck out there. Hali? O\
  3. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1340162414' post='2989622'] HAHAHAHA, I just realized that you guys are acting all tough with your "sup GATO and TLR" but haven't managed even one war on either GATO or TLR. You guys are rich. Sucks to have allies who won't defend you though. I feel bad for you on that point. [/quote] Not to mention you completely missed the subtext that we asked our allies to stay out. Wait, did I say subtext? I meant we blatantly announced it in this very topic.
  4. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1340079696' post='2988526'] The RIA resistance movement is deep in the Libyan desert just waiting for the call to arms to topple the so-called RIA. [/quote] VIVA LA RIA!
  5. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340079224' post='2988506'] How dare you claim that RIA won the RIA civil war, we all know it was RIA that won in the end, not those dastardly cowards in RIA! [/quote] Oh, you would say that, wouldn't you? Face it, RIA lost the war, and RIA won. RIA won't rise again, and if it does, RIA will prevail once more.
  6. [quote name='Illustrious' timestamp='1340078681' post='2988483'] I must have been [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107065"]mistaken[/url]. Please take back the history books you've given us, and rectify this error. Thank you. [/quote] Are you saying we may have stretched the truth a bit in a satirical manner of then-current events so our real plans wouldn't have been noticed when it was relevant? The horror!
  7. [quote name='VladimirLenin' timestamp='1340077991' post='2988451'] So what happens if some folks in Umb were buying tech from Fark? Does that mean we get a Fark-Fark war too? [/quote] Also a valid tactic. Please recall the devastating RIA-RIA War.
  8. [quote name='Illustrious' timestamp='1340077481' post='2988422'] Pretty sure I was talking about attacking just because you don't like someone is something Fark taught the world during the last conflict. [/quote] I was in on the decision making process of declaring war on NPO, and not once did the thought of hatred for NPO come up. In fact, relations had been pretty good at the time. Our main motivation was to $%&@ up the way treaties were going to fall. Pre-empting was already a valid tactic at the time.
  9. [quote name='Illustrious' timestamp='1340077007' post='2988390'] Dunno man. Our new protectors are pretty good teachers. We got text book examples from last war supplied by Fark. [/quote] I would say so. I just did the math. So far Umbrella has lost 40k NS more than Fark in this current war. Not a large margin, granted, but considering the small amount of NS lost on both sides...
  10. [quote name='Buzz Lightyear' timestamp='1340076542' post='2988363'] What a !@#$% move [/quote] [img]http://www.alcoofcanada.net/images/T/3-14-Blue-Balls-Box-of-250-N9765_XL.jpg[/img] You guys mad because we aren't giving you an in? Not like you really need it, since Umbrella has already proven to the world you don't actually need a CB.
  11. 182 becoming Speaker is a cautionary tale about jokingly voting for someone.
  12. [quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1322890252' post='2859939'] Welp, this is something. [/quote] Does this have enough Fireguy?
  13. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1322726670' post='2858019'] Yeah I don't think it's backpedaling either. Just contemplating about entering, for several weeks and then deciding to join when the war is over. Close right? [/quote] Nope. Contemplating means we didn't take a definite position; and then deciding to enter when the war is over, well, that just speaks for itself. We cannot enter a war that no longer is ongoing. Regardless, I don't remember that decision being made.
  14. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1322718991' post='2857840'] Congrats Fark! I'm surprised you could hold elections with how busy you've been backpedaling. [/quote] [url="http://www.thefreedictionary.com/backpedal"]The Free Dictionary[/url] defines backpedaling as, "To retreat or withdraw from a position or attitude." Can you please share this supposed instance in which we've backpedaled in the month of November (keeping in mind to not lie to me, I was on Council during November)?
  15. [quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1322719350' post='2857854'] Stay out of ours and we'll stay out of theirs. I think this is a really great compromise, actually. [/quote] Not really a fair compromise. GOD isn't Fark.
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