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  1. [quote name='enderland' timestamp='1329749562' post='2924574'] How did you know there was a war if you haven't logged on for 4 months? [/quote] There is a magical computer program called skype where people can get together and tell each other stuff. You should check it out.
  2. What do you know, the first time I log in for 4 months and the war is finally over. Glad to see Peace I guess. Wish I could have stuck around to make the war that much harder on Sparta's opponents but oh well, such is life. See you in another ___ months.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm just popping in for a sec. Wanted to say that yes, Tulak is a legend. I don't really think people give him enough credit for shaping the world, because to be honest he has done more shaping than most. He does it differently though. The difference between Tul and Ivan is that while Ivan changed history by starting wars, Tul changed it by stopping them. Ya'll have no idea how many stupid mistakes from other people Tulak either fixed or prevented behind the scenes. He has been CN's silent clean up crew for 5 years, and that makes him a legend.
  4. Oh look, a war. Good luck to whoever is fighting against whoever else.
  5. RL decided to be busy, and it seems my nation got deleted a while ago for inactivity. 5 and a half years gone in an instant...kinda funny when you think about it. I spent so many hours, days, and months pouring everything I had into this game trying to make a name for myself in the community, and in the end I left without a sound...without even myself noticing. Poetic irony comes to mind. I don't think I'll return to this game. I simply have to much to do and I don't want to risk ruining yet another semester or job to make color coded google docs until 6 in the morning. I didn't do any shout o
  6. Anyone who has ponies in their avatar I will automatically assume is in HoT's alliance.
  7. Is there anywhere to download the podcast after the fact?
  8. Aight broseph, in the interest if letting MK/NoR getting back to their regularly scheduled upgrade, I'll let you just think whatever you want. At the end of the day, we are going to fight, we aren't going to disband, and who knows, we might even pull a win out of our ass. God knows we'll try. Either way both sides are gonna $%&@ people up, so it's gonna be good.
  9. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1313302006' post='2780354'] We've never been toe to toe, speaking a little out of place saying we've never provided you a challenge. Others who have met our toe will tell you otherwise. Why wait? If, as you just said, we're of no challenge. Roll us and be done with it. Or - are you gonna be yet another to run your mouth off against us and walk away without trying? I dare say we have you defeated already. It's not contextualizing for [i]us[/i], it's for yourself. Having your statements in the proper context is quite important. It's a very valuable asset w
  10. [quote name='Axolotlia' timestamp='1313289804' post='2780249'] Since when is has there been a war going on? O.o Also easy to say that you can be rebuilt within months after a war when you didn't pay months of reps etc. [/quote] Paying reps, while a handicap, Is not some magic roadblock to rebuilding. NPO, NpO, and MK are evidence of that.
  11. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1313281708' post='2780130'] Like I said before, I found it amusing that you speak of losing a war and disbanding in the same breath. I can only go on what you say, not what you meant to say. You put it in that context, not us. Next time you're raving about !@#$@#$ farriers and their families and rolling people and disbanding perhaps you should choose your words more carefully. Also, why are you waiting to roll us? You're obviously all worked up, surely glorious and powerful Sparta can find a way. [/quote] 1- I shouldn't need to contextualize anythi
  12. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1313276613' post='2780031'] [color="#0000FF"]Right here: [spoiler][22:25] <Hyp> Question for Brehon[On_Air] when you get back. Obviously Sparta isn't in the best position right now and in allh onesty we'll probably lose next war. If we up and rolled the living $%&@ of of NSO before we went down, would you shed a tear? [22:26] <Hyp> We're going to roll them before we disband [22:27] <Hyp> we've already decided that [22:27] <Hyp> doesnt matter when or whyy, but we're doing it. [22:27] <Hyp> They are literally the on
  13. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1313273674' post='2779972'] The first part is reasonable, and is also quite different to what you've been saying in most of your recent posts. The reason I come off as hostile is because I am lambasting you for your rash of recent posts, which all have a tone of 'behold mighty Sparta, with our perfect war records and XX and we're really looking forward to this coming war, honest! Also we beat people in the past, so they must be incompetent, whereas when you guys beat us it will be because you're competent, and not because Sparta is horrible'. It sounds
  14. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1313272763' post='2779956'] [color="#0000FF"]For an alliance not worth your time you sure do focus a lot of your attention on us. Anyway, congratulations to MK and NoR. Two fine alliances.[/color] [/quote] For a guy that doesn't give a crap about us, WC sure likes to take shots at every post I make.
  15. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1313268683' post='2779882'] Look at me, I'm playing politics Mum! It's pretty funny to see you constantly and transparently trying to paint yourself as a brilliant political strategist and military tactician, equal to anything the other side can throw at you. Repetition is the key, right? [/quote] I'm not a tactical genius, but I've worked with MK on every single war since Karma. They know how I work, and I know how they work. I'm not brilliant, I'm just saying that considering that both Sparta and MK both now have "friends of friends" clauses to wor
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