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The Ellen Show

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After weeks of being attacked in such a cowardly fashion, we have finally found the culprit responsible for spying away our generals.

The evidence has been shown to the proper individuals, and Ellen has sealed her own doom :)




COBRA declares war on The Imperial Entente.

I'd also like to take this moment to announce that our PIAT with aNiMaLz has been upgraded to an ODoAP.

What a coincidence, right?








Stay tuned for more horrible gifs.

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o/ cobra


I hit three of them for u vatos in ellens alliance because of our treaty and all and because ellen of course lets smash them:lol1::war:they r paying out good to full of treasures when u smash them open million dollar gb's!!!!lets get them casualties and cash carnales:gun:


viva cobra! viva animalz!!:war:

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4 minutes ago, Lucius Optimus said:



No clue what you're talking about harboring anyone. 


The Imperial Entente hearby recognizes state of war against anyone who invades our space. 



Landofogre is Roal36

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17 minutes ago, Morphine said:

Landofogre is Roal36

Well last I checked Landofoger was actually helping conduct counter ops against a peon of an alliance leader calling in the Doom children to help because his alliance is a suck. So you're gonna have to convince me that an active member willing to help out is a bad idea. 


In the meantime I fight 



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3 minutes ago, General Kanabis said:


Cheer up, Ellen!


Why don't you just own up to what you did. 

Should I bust out the screenshots, or are you going to confess like you did to Alexio?




That I used you as spy practice because your nations are cannon fodder anyway? 

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4 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

Monsters Inc hates to see micros fighting micros...


I hope you all can work out your differences diplomatically, rather than this barbaric slug fest.

I agree. Though a little fighting can be fun, might be good for them but I hope this war can be resolved sooner rather than later.

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Do these people have any treaties?  I see they claim to be a GATO protectorate.  Is  that a fact and if so I assume to cleared this with GATO.  And some how nobody has bothered to hit their biggest nation.  Might want to get on it before he starts aid dumping to smaller members whom you do not seem have very well covered.  

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