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  1. When I was in TMG our philosophers and wizards were working round the clock (a figure of speech because they could slowdown time to a level next to actual freeze) to determine if planet was round or flat. They already found that time was not due to spinning of the planet but I am not aware if they made any further discoveries. GG should be able to answer it.
  2. I Roal36 of the great nation of Malabar declare defeat and surrender to my opposing coalition of 11 alliances (or was it 14) . Some of the alliances I have been asked to highlight a here are as follows: FoC , SLaP, AM, SRA, SNX, VG. Other honourable mentions include Kashmir and LC. Their financial and economic power indeed blew a hole in my military efforts. Its been a massive defeat for Malabar. Unprecedented in its history. For more info on my defeats check out the war screens here. I thank the coalition for their Kindness and benevolence in granting me peace. http://www.cybernations.net/
  3. My advice would be disaster relief agency because the earlier you have it more money you can make. DRA would give you an extra trade slot meaning more tech you can sell plus increases your population. Then you can go for Federal Aid commission will be a good choice as you can convert your 6/100 deals into 9/100 or 9/150 (18/300) the latter of which enables you to sell more tech within a same period of time. Basically get wonders that enable you to make more money out of your tech deals 1st then proceed to buy Stock Market. No need to rush to military wonders right now unless your alliance
  4. Yes. I too agree that raiding in itself don't drive new nations back, its the way in which they are attacked. I always make it a point to stop the attacks if the other nation makes a request or send me aPeace proposal. If a nation don't respond to any sort of messages or try to fight back then I consider it a field day/week for me but I always try to let something remain so that should the ruler chooses he can comeback and grow the nation. Basically what can/should be done is responsible raiding and a bunch active micro alliances focused on recruiting new nations and turning up the heat in the
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