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  1. Morphinel u were hinting at some kind of solution then and if I remember correctly u did seem like wanting to talk abt peace and compromise but ur self put all that to bin. Right? Forgive me for not bending and begging u for peace. Yes I reroll e because I have issue doing humiliating peace terms with people who couldn't beat me in an open war. There u go.
  2. OK I am out of here. Good luck with whatever ur are driving at. Vorta, Ellen bunch names you come up with. Hell u have more exp in that field having fielded multis before do ur spying.
  3. So now ur making up new names for me. That is pathetic even for you?
  4. Roal is not the leader of any other country other than Malabar, roal has never led any other country other than Malabar. Peddle nonesence all u want but facts don't change.
  5. Stonewall don't be dumb like others here u are better than that. I am not in Peace Mode
  6. Lol take a look at thread page 1 before I started posting, see who called me a criminal, see who accused me of spying? Why did I have to bring my ass here and talk abt all those things? You can blame others for bringing those rap up but not me.
  7. Alexio himself used to blame TMG for the TMG Cobra war for an whole month after GK posted screenshots of Niger admitting the whole thing.
  8. Not having proof didn't stop u and ur allies to framing me in host of conspiracies and crimes both in this thread and in previous ones. Hey I didn't bring up any of the things I said here. They were brought up by ur buddies in starting itself, go and look itup.
  9. Deleting Forum account and nottalking abt any of ur alliances again was not part of ur terms to me. If u had included me in OoT terms (which was the right thing to do then maybe this was all doable
  10. I Can't man. Not without my old account back. More importantly its not even relevant.
  11. Acrowding to GK's logic (TMG Spy gate) internal communication where a user admits to spying is not proof of that particular alliance doing any wrong.This line of thinking is actually backed by Morphinel of AM plus a bunch of other cronies and more importantly GATO.
  12. And who asked me to do that? Slap, AM and Cobra did. You all asked to delete and I did exactly that.
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