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Joint Announcement From UCR and POSSE


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Union of Communist Republics and the Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes

The Union of Communist Republics (UCR) and the Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes (POSSE) hereby sign this Optional Defence or Aggression Pact in order to show their trust and recognition to one another and to affirm the socialist camaraderie between them.

Article I: Internal Conflict:
No comrade of either the POSSE or UCR shall ever commit an act of aggression toward each other. Any attacks by rogue nations will be punished as seen fit by the responsible signatory (or by a council of both alliances if such a request is made). Both alliances retain their sovereignty and remain free to conduct themselves as they see fit with other alliances on Planet Bob.

Article II: Respect:
Both signatories agree to remain civil to each other at all times in public and in private. Any disputes between UCR and POSSE should be first handled in private channels.

Article III: Intelligence:
We share secrets important for each other's safety and we agree that secrets stay secrets. No telling to 3d parties without previous approval.

Article IV: Defense and Aggression:
If either the UCR or POSSSE is attacked, the other may, at their discretion, come to their aid. Likewise, should one signatory find itself in an aggressive war, the other may opt to engage in war with them. 

Article V: Free Trade Agreement
Both the POSSE and UCR agree to henceforth open all channels of trade to each others respective alliances. This includes Tech Dealing in pre arranged prices, common Trade Circles building, Foreign Aid and everything we forgot to mention here.

Article VI: Protection Against Trade Abuse
In the event of a Tech Deal or Trade Circle conflict, the respective finance officers of the UCR and the POSSE will deal with the problems from both sides and will work to bring the problem to a quick and quiet resolution, following the principles of socialist solidarity. 

Article VII: Cancellation:
This treaty may be annulled at any time by either alliance. Should the need to annul occur, the cancelling alliance must give a 72 hour notice of their intention to cancel via private channels and a legitimate reason of why they have chosen this option. The treaty will remain in effect until the 72 hour period has elapsed

Signed for the Protectorate of Soveriegn Socialist Ententes:

pjk11, Commissar
Alonso Quixano, Prime Minister 
andrewb610, Senator

Signed for the Union of Communist Republics:

mrmarx, Premier
Pomegranate, Commissar of Internal Affairs
Blaist Blaland, Commissar of Defense
chrismathews, Commissar of Foreign Affairs

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20 hours ago, sir pwnage said:

I can't remember if you're the commies I like or not.


I've decided not. I hope you burn.



Strange for a leftist to wish for the downfall of another leftist. So much for solidarity

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20 minutes ago, Sabcat said:

If this was 2007 this thread would be at 25 pages by now of lefties of various stripes kicking !@#$ out of each other.


....and Martens trolling you mercilessly.


Now even the lolCommies can't be arsed to lolCommie.

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3 hours ago, Sabcat said:

If this was 2007 this thread would be at 25 pages by now of lefties of various stripes kicking !@#$ out of each other.


We're all old and cynical and don't care any more though, so it's one page with not much kicking at all.


I tried, but I wasn't a lolcommie in 07 so I'm inexperienced.

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