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  1. I tried, but I wasn't a lolcommie in 07 so I'm inexperienced.
  2. Are you at all familiar with Leftists like... at all?
  3. I can't remember if you're the commies I like or not. I've decided not. I hope you burn.
  4. Are you taking applications for senators? If not, not interested.
  5. I've already got plenty of all those things. What do you have in the way of free tech?
  6. Wait, so if I photoshop INT's flag into a triangle, we become a member?
  7. I'd join an active alliance but the only one I know of is Umbrella and they're full of smelly people. How do you recommend I proceed in that case?
  8. I came back because of the extra money. So +1 for this idea, I guess.
  9. Things haven't been going nearly badly enough to indicate that you've been involved. Sci, don't talk to me. You killed my trade circle. Traitor. You guys want to start trouble, fine. But come up with your own damn name, you lazy shiznos.
  10. I mean, sure. Trotsky won't last two weeks anyway, everyone else... well, I've only heard rumors of your incompetence. Oh, except Tehmina. I couldn't put it better than Craig so I'll let his post speak for me. Let's see, am I forgetting anything... Oh yeah. The guy who asked how large my warchest was. Hi. Please try something. We've got some pretty thirsty nations in the 126k range.
  11. Jumped on? Please, we STARTED that bandwagon. We've been fighting MCXA since WAY before it was cool. I think we fought GDA and NSF too.
  12. Feels good to be fighting beside my allies in NoR again. Wait. ODN. I meant ODN. :ph34r: Anyway, what kind of smack talk is happening in this thread? Is it the kind where I post my casualty count or the kind where I post how long it's been since I was in peace mode? Or do I post the charts of how much damage I've dealt vs. received? Someone let me know, I'll get right on it. Unless of course we're being civil right now, but given the amount of Tywin posts I have very deliberately not seen, I doubt it.
  13. Really? I feel like we fought MCXA like 3 times in a row. Maybe that was forever ago, but still; a streak is a streak.
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