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Mucho Locos Pacto

Prueba I: Preámbulo

The Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia (hereby referred to as AAD) and Los Pollos Hermanos (hereby referred to as LPH) hereby agree to the following protectoRIte pact, in the interest of growth and fostering a friendship between the two entities.

Prueba II: Locura

As long as this agreement is in effect, the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia will provide complete protection from aggression to Los Pollos Hermanos. If Los Pollos Hermanos specifically requests the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia refrain from intervening, the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia will abide by Los Pollos Hermanos' wishes. Should the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia become involved in a conflict, Los Pollos Hermanos is not under obligation to become involved, but are encouraged to assist however they feel they can.

Prueba III: Inteligencia

Los Pollos Hermanos agrees to keep the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia updated with their current & future intentions. More specifically they agree to notify the Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia of any agreements or wars they plan to partake in at least 72 hours ahead of time.

Prueba IV: Florida

Viva La Florida!

Prueba V: Burritos

The treaty will remain in place for as long as deemed necessary. Either party may cancel this treaty when they wish, but must notify the other signatory 48 hours prior to publicly announcing the cancellation. During those 48 hours, the treaty is still considered in effect. Upon the public posting of dissolution, the treaty is void. This obligation may be waived at the agreement of both parties or if Prueba III is broken.

Prueba VI: Signatários

Para el Alianza de Aleatorio Demencia,
~ Shadow, Por la Gracia de Cactuar, Su Excelencia Gloriosa El Santísimo, Bendito, y el Venerable Triunviro de Eterno of Aleatorio Demencia y los Dominios y Territorios que le Pertenecen, Capitán Planeta Emérito, Sumo Pontífice de los Santos Reinos del Cactuar, Defensor de la Fe, Guardián del Funk, Gran Maestre de la Orden Militar Más Noble Soberano de Cactimus Prime, Comandante Central del Clan Nintuar, Líder y Guía de la Rivolucion, The Ultimate de Forma de vida, Místico Dragón Emperador de los Cheeselands, Archiduque de Trastorno, Cacique de la Locura, Titiritero del Caos, etc.
~ Ogaden, El Mucho Buzzkillo, Triunviro, Cubierto de Salsa Barbacoa
~ im317, Triunviro, Anterior Anciano de PotD, Enemigo de Ortografía, Secreto un Perro
~ dester55, yo no hablo español
~ biofantic, Jefe de Operaciones Militares, Campeón del Pueblo
~ Croix, JdAI (Jefe de Asuntos Internos)
~ Moth, el Dio Grande
~ Jenne, El Jefe, Asesino de DBDC, Quiero cagar en su sombrero
~ cctmsp13, Virrey, Supremo de Economía

Para el Los Pollos Hermanos,
~ Rey the Great, Gus

insanity and tacos
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Of course it would be even more positive if rebel wasnt raiding u im sure. Congrats Rey!

I don't think he realizes what he's doing to the smaller nations of Animalz.

I trust that RIA, who is classy, will keep LPH in line; we all know LPH hasn't made the best choices in the past.
Good luck, RIA.

We all know that LPH has, in fact, made some pretty great choices in the past. We've followed what we've told people we would do to the letter. I told RIA that our behavior would be less, um, erratic this time around.
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I don't think he realizes what he's doing to the smaller nations of Animalz.

Oooh cloak and dagger threats from an degenerate alliance leader of your "calibre" and "skills" who doesn't know when to stop talking.

I'm sure they will be fine but thanks for your concern.

Would love to know what RIA was smoking as I want some.
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Lucha caLibre should not be mocked; it is an artform. You seem to have a fine time jawing at people whose competence level far exceeds yours, so I'm not sure exactly what your point is?

As to what RIA is smoking, it should be obvious considering who their latest protectorate is. But of course, as most things do, I suppose that one flew over your head, didn't it chief?

Edited by Neo Uruk
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Competence and your name has never been used in the same sentence by anyone but yourself.

Again I'm sure they will be fine as you're all mouth and no action.

To be honest if rey is given the chance he can most likely prove very competent. It's all about someone willing to give him that chance.
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I disagree Alexio15. I believe Rey is an idiot, and his mouth consistently writes checks his ass can't cash. A good example of this is when I smoked his nation because he decided to come here to the CN forum, and publicly put my nation on blast. He is a fun target, but because of his lack of intellect he is no real threat to anyone.


aNiMaLz will display this. Since our KoRT war is wrapping up, and I believe a peace agreement is about to be ok'ed by both sides we will have some free slots to rock LPH. There will be no peace at all offered or accepted under any conditions. I feel a couple months of warring with aNiMaLz will be good for Rey, and I am actually doing him a favor although I doubt he has the ability to see what I am doing for him. I don't think LPH will even last that long though seems Rey is the only current active member.


Also, a fun side note, LPH will actually be the punching bag during this period. Something Rey's misinformed perception of the universe accused aNiMaLz of being. You should have just kept your mouth closed, and took the ass whooping. Instead you made a personal 1 on 1 issue into something. But there is a silver lining in every cloud, and like I said this shakedown of you and whatever we can loot form LPH is actually a blessing in disguise. You'll understand when you grow up don't worry.

Edited by Sir Kindle
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You may have those thoughts but in his time in Atlas, he was actually a good member. We just wasn't the right fit for him. So when I say given someone and something that is the right fit for him I believe Rey can be a good competent member. I actually mean it.

Edited by Alexio15
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