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An Invicta-TTK Treaty


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The Templar Knights and Invicta MDoAP

Article I - Non Aggression

The undersigned signatories agree to remain peaceful and tactful towards each other. Should this article be violated in any way, both signatories agree to seek a diplomatic resolution.

Article II - Intelligence

If either signatory receives intelligence that is pertinent to the other signatorys well-being, the signatory receiving the intelligence agrees to immediately tell the other.

Article III - Mutual Defense

Should either signatory alliance come under attack, they may request military assistance from the other signatory. Such assistance is mandatory except in the event that the attack has been launched due to the fulfillment of another treaty obligation. In that case it is up to the other signatory to decide whether or not to grant the request.

Article IV - Optional Aggression

If either signatory wishes to declare war on a 3rd party, the other signatory might declare war on the 3rd party as well.

Article V - Cancellation

If it doesn't work out, this treaty is still in effect for 72 hours after the cancelling alliance notifies the other signatory.


Signed for The Templar Knights,

Grand Master

Marshal of Finance

Marshal of Recruiting

Marshal of Foreign Affairs

Marshal of Defense

Marshal of Members

Sergeant at Arms
Northern Empire

Elder Councilors
Lolatyou, Konstantine, Rustikus, Brataslavia


Ellis, President
Learz, Undefeated Hipthrusting Champion, Professional Cookie Taster, and Harry Potter Impersonator
President Gunn of Acturea, Secretary of Sexy, err oh and State
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs, GATO's dominatrix
King William, Minister of Finance
Contra, Minister of War
Jon32492 Minister of Internal Affairs, Yes, Internal. This is not Internal
Ekaterina Anastasia Kurae Romanova, Shadow Chief of Staff, Defender of the Faith

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Also, this is the first official Invicta correspondence that Ellis didn't mess up.

They grow up so fast :wub:

I feel like this is evidence of this treaty's illegitimacy. No edit on an Ellis post? What is this? There's gotta be something. An extra space somewhere? Has anyone checked the kerning?

Congrats, y'all! o/
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