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  1. Everyone gets rolled at some point, this just happens to be yours. No need to be upset about it, we've all gone through it time and time again.
  2. Does it really matter? Why do people still get worked up over this? It's a game, and you have to play the cards you're dealt. CBs went out of style years ago, so here we are at the high point of the year yet again, blowing up stuff just for the heck of it. War...war never changes.
  3. I like this. Different than the usual boring barren wasteland this forums has turned into. I for one welcome our new overlords
  4. o/ GOONS Congratulations friends and good luck wherever you go.
  5. Congratulations guys, good luck moving forward
  6. Congratulations and good luck to you guys in the future
  7. o/ VE o/ NPO Here's to a great future together guys
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