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  1. I'm back. Not really. This is a one off thing. S03E01 - Random TAR I forgot to talk about NpO/NG and how much I don't like that... Oh well. I'm finding it hard to care
  2. Out of town without my recording equipment, so no TAR this week.
  3. New Episode: #7 - MI6 War (context)
  4. Updated through MInc declaration
  5. Technically I can't until they show up on the war screen.
  6. Like the last few wars, I'll be keeping a war chart and timeline of the war in the OP. Edit: dang you are fast hartfw :P
  7. Oct 9 Oculus declares on MI6 Oculus declares on TPF Oct 11 MInc declares on NPO (et al. Oculus) Oct 14 STA declares on NPO in defence of TPF
  8. No TAR this week. Something, something, RL
  9. New Episode: #6 - Doom (no context)
  10. New Episode #5 - Senate Shenanigans (no context)
  11. Sooooooo....... For those that didn't notice... I forgot didn't release a TAR today. I'll do it tomorrow.
  12. No episode this week as I am out of town, I'll be moving to a weekday for release, probably tuesday again. See you all then.
  13. exactly... but my hair actually looks good.... and I am not rich :/
  14. I know nothing, its one of the beauties of TAR. You get to listen to a strongly opinionated, willfully ignorant man
  15. New Episode: Stupid Predictability (context)
  16. You are gonna have to update your TAR link to my new thread
  17. Yes... you heard that right. I am back... Kinda. Check it out. ---------------------------- Episodes #1 - Fark (context) #2 - Stupid Predictability (context) #3 - Oculus (context) #4 - MI6 (no context) #5 - Senate Shenanigans (no context) #6 - Doom (no context) #7 - MI6 War (context)
  18. From the looks of things, he is not gonna actually end up doing anything of note. However, if enough people bug me, I might start doing a shorter version of TAR again. FTR, I did promise I would do a special edition of TAR the day (or day after) XX fell, so you have that to look forward to :D
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