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A Green Protection Agency Announcement

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Presenting the Summer 2014 GPA Government:


Current Government of the Green Protection Agency
Office of the Executive:

President - Dragonshy
(Outgoing - Belisarius)

Vice President - Belisarius
(Outgoing – dy Cazaril)

G.P.A. Cabinet:
(Includes Office of the Executive):

Minister of Internal Affairs - Willems
(Outgoing: Kurdanak)

Minister of Defense - Arrnea

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Imperator

Minister of Economics - Lyrositor
(Outgoing - Governor Trussian)

Minister of Membership Compliance - Printer635
(Outgoing: Czar Optima)

Board of Directors:
(Non-Cabinet, Elected Officials):

Director of the Academy - probablamenteno
(Outgoing: Rogue Falcon)

Director of Communications - bladegolem47
(Outgoing - Willems)

Director of Human Resources – Valksalascyeor
(Outgoing: ATREYU6)

Director of Trade - Lunan
(Outgoing - Rafay)

Alliance Owner:
Lifetime, Elected Officials

Alliance Owner - jerdge

Alliance Heir – Patrick Gray

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Taking a break this term due to summer commitments, folks. Good luck to our new government! Looks to be an excellent team. :)

Indeed, congratulations to my fellow comrades and I look forward to serving the GPA well. :)

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I didn't realize you were still around, blade.  Good to see.

He likes to threaten deletion every now and then, but we all know he'll never leave us. :wub:
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