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  1. Happy birthday, NGers <3. Have enjoyed being an ambassador at the Gayroller for over 2 years now. Also <3 Nettles, Stewie and Dude
  2. Strength Through Purity, Purity Through Faith! England Prevails o/
  3. Buying $30 donation for 36 million. Contact me on this thread or PM/in-game if interested.
  4. As the poster girl of the GPA, I approve of this thread ;3
  5. Is your "secret" being hurt behind?, Mr/Miss "Secret"? I don't know who you are before this but you're starting to interest me.....
  6. I was also sitting on first page of WDs, with minimum soldiers on the day you first attacked (mm juicy chick!); and I also spied one of your nuclear nation nukes and got identified. Seriously now, how could you miss me? Who made your target lists? You be sure now hun <3 And keep the stray cats out ....they have 15-year-old cooties :(
  7. A whole war with me raiding 4 dto members and not a single nation declared on me the entire war? Am I not pretty enough, or is it because I'm getting married to Samwise, formerly most eligible bachelor of te?
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