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The Congolese Soukous Society Declares Existance

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Flag of The Congolese Soukous Society

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga, eternal leader of TCSS

We are proud to announce to Planet Bob and its inauthentic westerner peoples that we, the people of the Congolese Soukous Society or Zaire, are henceforth an independent and sovereign entity in the world of Cybernations. Our existence will be entirely based on the ideals of our great leader, Mobutu Sese Seko, and the ideology of Authenticité. Together, the people of The Congolese Soukous Society are as strong as the finest Damascus steel and lead into glory and strength by their leaders, who are like the great eagles, soaring above the unwashed toads.

The government structure is as follows:
The Father of the Nation, Mobutu - embodied by three great leaders (Flod, Landru the Falcon and TheDogMan). Mobutu, in all his eternal wisdom, has absolute power over the alliance and his infinitely wise decisions lead us all to victories as we leave fire in our wake.

Ministers of Economy, Defence, Recruitment, Interior, Authenticity and Foreign Affairs - appointed by Mobutu himself. Ordinary members who, due to their wisdom or merit, are selected by Mobutu and are trusted to make decisions in their own ministries.

Foreigners are welcome to establish embassies in our forums, contact us on our IRC channel (#Zaire). Don't mind the black Lada Samara.


Mobutu Sese Seko announcing the independence of TCSS

This Alliance is officially a protectorate of CRAP

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I almost raided you last night.  :P

Heh, funny thing. I'm glad we moved this along quickly so that never ended up happening.

Welcome, TCSS. Any relation to ZULU?

Not at all, perhaps there is an African themed treaty in the distant future? Only time (and CRAP) can tell. :p Edited by Thedogman
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What does the torch represent?

The eternal spirit of the revolution, led onwards by Mobutu himself.
and not Jewish masterminds or anything like that.  :wub:

I almost raided you last night.  :P
Welcome, TCSS. Any relation to ZULU?

shamefur dispray
exploiting African revanchism like that  :nuke:
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