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A LoSS Lineup

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LoSS has recently had its election for the coming term, we are pleased to welcome back some older members as well as seeing some new blood in our lineup.

Please see below for the gov of LoSS until April 2012








Dictator General


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[quote name='LordSlade' timestamp='1326130566' post='2896356']
I retired, now I am back, such is the way of Cybernations.

Stop complaining Slade, you love it ;).

Good luck to this gov, I see great things from it.

Much <3 to Legion-x

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[quote name='LordSlade' timestamp='1326156274' post='2896580']
Wasn't by our choice. He left the alliance on his own after stepping down and not running. He's on his rotation again. He does this every few months. Alliance jumps for a bit then comes back.
not this time it's either umbs or nothing at all this time :P.

congrats LoSS on new gov

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[quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1326151489' post='2896516']
Sad to Amossio out of gov :(
Not really.

[quote name='Proest' timestamp='1326161515' post='2896629']
This has an extremely notable lack of: Chels and Ben. I do not accept.
Should I coup them?

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