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[quote]"And just at that instant there rose as if from the bowels of the earth a light not of this world, the light of many suns in one. It was a sunrise such as the world had never seen, a great green supersun climbing in a fraction of a second to a height of more than eight thousand feet, rising ever higher until it touched the clouds, lighting up earth and sky all around with dazzling luminosity. Up it went, a great wall of fire about a mile in diameter, changing colors as it kept shooting upward, from deep purple to orange, expanding, growing bigger, rising as it was expanding, an elemental force freed from its bonds after being chained for billions of years."
William L. Laurence, New York Times, August 26, 1945, Account of the Trinity Test on 16 July 1945 [/quote]

Sitting deep within this Bunker it is hard to describe the sights these scarred eyeÓ³ have seen. The concrete walls echo the memories back and forth as if being hit with a strobe light, flashing the horrorÓ³ ever constantly into my vision. The day it happened, the day the bombs fell. The day the man on the radio said would be our last on this Earth. Yes I remember that day well, January 6, 2006. Who could forget the mighty rebirth of this world.

Many men would have wrote off that day in some bar, a last drink, a nod to a lost love and crawled into some hole in the ground and faded away into history. Not us though, we are the new breed, the guardians of the future. Many wars have passed much blood has been shed but still we fight on. The nations of the new world know only war, a cycle of hate and vengeance and blood. 6 months ago 5 independent nations came together out of the rubble of the last great war and created a new alliance, a beacon of radioactive excess, a brotherhood of mutual nuclear defense, they call us the Nuclear Proliferation League. We stand today as 85 armed and unified states all bound by the mutual worship of the almighty atom. We stand as one, we fight as one and when the final bell tolls we will die as one.

War, War Never Changes, and it is with a sense of unnerving comfort we hear the Dogs of War have descended upon the lands of our friends and allies. This hell fire shall relieve us from the torment that is peace, the endless days of staring at that grey concrete wall remembering the horrors. We are not meant for such times we were born to fight, to kill, to draw the blood of our enemy and to live by the thrill of the sword. It will be with the power of a thousand suns we shall strike down those that threaten our existence, to war we ride!!!

The Nuclear Proliferation League in accordance with the Nuclear Insanity Accords II: Mutually Assured Destruction hereby declares a state of war against Nebula-X.

We wish our opponents good luck and we hope that we all have a good time.

o/ NUKES!!!


KemMo, Prime Minister
Morjon, Deputy Prime Minister
King Wally, High Chancellor

Gofast2006, Advisor
Gungir, Advisor

Smurthwaite, Warhead of Foreign Affairs
Kevyn, Warhead of Defense
Vulpes Inculta, Warhead of Economics
MildlyInsane, Warhead of Education
Wickes, Warhead of Communications

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due to my small warchest, no clue how to fight and tendancy to surrender after a few days, i enourage anyone countering to hit me immediately

also o/ us

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1323028332' post='2862454']
I can't wait to see who gets the pleasure of dismantling you.

If we could only be so lucky Xander :rolleyes:

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Thank you, i was worried no one would come play with our buddies in NebX.

Edited by Lord Levistus

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[quote name='The Reccesion' timestamp='1323029501' post='2862483']
NX nation srength has increased, you sure your doing it right? :blink:

But give them hell anyways.
You know they militarized to hit RIA. You should know that on the first day of war the NS chart won't drop much for any alliance.

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