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  1. lazaraus45

    Tournament Round 26

    further clarifications since i'm overly meticulous, when it says battle strength calculations, does this mean an increase in the odds of winning or an increase in the damage done, is xp acquired for operations like gather intel and battle support?
  2. lazaraus45

    Tournament Round 26

    Just to clarify on the generals, do you get one general per branch for a total of four? or is it just one general in total with the branch determining his benefits?
  3. I keep seeing FB posts regarding this, especially questioning how we do these things to each other? and stating how the people responsible for such inhumane acts deserve the worsts of punishments, The answer strikes me as painfully obvious, so many more prayers seem aimed at punishing those responsible than for wellbeing of the victims, /rant
  4. Get back on paint and make a new one altogether
  5. Would you really rather people not post mindless PR? if we kept our posts to meaningful fact filled posts these boards would be dead
  6. To be clear, when you say this do you mean sending out a mass stock message PM as well as a unique one or taking the extra time to send unique messages to a large amount of nations? In the case of the former, i think the extra message would probably detract from the "OMG a message that isn't spam" effect of sending a unique message, plus if they read the spam one first they probably wouldn't bother reading the unique one. In the case of the latter, that is what i meant but there are drawbacks a lot of recruiters with restrictions on the time they can be at the computer wouldn't manage, and e
  7. Pretty much what Tidy Bowl Man said. you're better off going for the individual than mass PM'ing because it's hard to get a nation interested in any alliance with a standard message, getting a nation to become part of your alliance and getting a nation to join your AA are two very different things.
  8. I'm so envious of mods, i bet before getting rid of each one of these types of topics they copy it somewhere only they can see as part of a huge archive of hilarious rules violators
  9. We did some research on Ragnarok in TE and i can tell that you that roughly half of the test group didn't know to do more than fire CM's, a large portion went a full round of attacks and then gave up, and a lot of others just whined a lot. And that's from the members who were active enough to sign up to their TE alliance tl;dr DO EEEEET
  10. There was at least one stolen in the 90's, it hasn't however been fired yet as i still haven't got KW's address
  11. After listening to that i thought to myself, i have to make sure i don't make any drunken and stupid OWF comments, then it occurred to me, this is GOONS new sly version of Shark Week, just without In Game DoW's o/ to the raising of community standards
  12. How exactly does interaction with other players work in minecraft?
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